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RiKD    United States. Apr 09 2019 14:42. Posts 5907
I have the freedom to buy an electric guitar. Guess what? I just bought an electric guitar and sick headphones. Am I responsible for that choice?

The book I am currently reading ("Existential Psychotherapy" makes the argument that we are responsible for our life predicament and we are responsible for changing. We must be if we want to see any semblance of growth.

Sartre says we are a sum of our actions. Which is true but what is the originator of our actions?

Yalom says that if we are structural determinists we need activists not therapists and nothing can change on a personal level until the structures are changed. Therapy or really any form of individual improvement is hopeless.

I suppose I believe in or I want to believe in that we truly have this freedom. I am not convinced we do. I almost want to convince myself that we do because I think it would be better for me. I think most "successful" people or let's define it as people with financial freedom that are earning that financial freedom through something they more or less like to do from my experiences across the board strongly believe in this principle of responsibility. I want to use the example of Kanye West believing so strongly in responsibility that he believes that slavery was a choice. I mean technically it was. The slaves could attempt to run away or kill themselves. That is like radical responsibility. It completely disregards the structures in place. But, I think about the prospects of a slave making it to a safe place in the North and myself making it to a safe place in France. Which is kind of an absurd comparison. I am in a safe place now yet I feel like a slave. Not in the sense of enslaved Africans in the 1700-1800s. That is not a fair comparison but I do feel like a slave to Capitalism and many of the current structures in place. That mixed with my upbringing and so many facets of my life have shaped who I am. I don't know if it is fair to say that I have 100% responsibility in my life predicament and responsibility to grow personally. I don't know enough about neuroscience and actually I don't think anyone does to truly answer these questions. Maybe they do and I am just ignorant. But, I think another aspect of this is that it is perhaps better to believe we have 100% responsibility. So, why not just believe it? Well, there are things I can't un-see. There is certainly determinism in this dimension but I truly believe we have some aspects of freedom as well. How much? I don't know. But, I continue to go to therapy and I do see undeniable improvement in certain areas. I just want to believe that my actions have gotten me here and it is my actions that will get me out. That almost seems too positive but again positivity seems like a trait of people that have better quality of lives. But, there is a strong activist aspect of me as well but I don't think I can give that area my all until I work on some personal things with a therapist. I suppose it's not hypocritical to be compatibilist. Most active philosophers today believe in compatibilism. It's just crazy that our thoughts and our "Interpreter" (part of the brain that interprets the world around us) are so unreliable. We are on some crazy runaway train on speculative tracks and trails. There is so much we don't know about the brain, consciousness, existence. We exist, we are conscious, we think and we don't know much about why or how. Well, thoughts is getting more understood but the other two who the fuck knows.

I want to read Hofstadter's chef d'oeuvre. So, I just bought it and then see if I have the motivation to read it when it comes.


What is the basis for motivation?????????????? INSPIRATION?????????????????

That is the million dollar question that I also feel is mostly determined yet has some aspects of freedom.

Maybe I will come back that that.

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