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Ante cash game

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FullBRing   Philippines. May 06 2018 10:09. Posts 581

Hi guys, I am recently playing a lot of ante 25usd cash game. No sb or bb only ante. I was trying to find some articles or video about it but can't find anything. Have you ever found something about this game?

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gawdawaful   Canada. May 06 2018 14:14. Posts 9012

just work backwards. if the buyin is $25 and every ante a dollar for $10 total, you're playing super short. If everyone's ante 10c and its a $1 in pot, thats similar to say, .35/.70, which means you have about 35-40bb to start. Everything else is the same and start basing your pf raises from the adjusted big blind & # of big blinds open based on number of limps, hand strength, player, etc.

Other way to think about this would be relation to pot size. If its $1/$2, a pot open is $7.
So if theres $1 in ante, pot is $3.

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Joe   Czech Republic. May 06 2018 15:01. Posts 5987

Everything else is NOT the same. SB's and BB's ranges should be very different, which in turn should influence everybody else's ranges.

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FullBRing   Philippines. May 07 2018 00:08. Posts 581

Gawdawaful answer is completely incorrect just like Joe pointed out. Ante is 25 usd, avg stack size is 10k~ usually plays 7 handed

gawdawaful   Canada. May 07 2018 05:26. Posts 9012

ok so pot is usually $175, so its about 60/120. Action I presume starts from sb? If they're calling, is there a bring in of X?
Everything else is the same is probably too broad of a generalization but I'm guessing its relatively similar to mississipi straddle type pots? Not sure what I'm missing here.

Im only good at poker when I run good 

FullBRing   Philippines. May 07 2018 22:24. Posts 581

Its an Ante game so you have to play a range way wider than you normally would if you play 60/120. Cannot play tight here. I don't want to get more specific here, was just looking for material already made but i guess there isn't since its such a unique game.

PoorUser    United States. May 08 2018 16:56. Posts 7471

play a lot more btns.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 10 2018 22:06. Posts 9634

wait how does an all ante game even work, you can all check to the flop or what

FullBRing   Philippines. May 17 2018 14:02. Posts 581

Yes you can.

thewh00sel    United States. May 17 2018 16:29. Posts 2734

They had that ante only tourney at the wsop that I played, except everyone anted and you still had to pay an ante to limp into the hand PF in addition to the antes in the pot. Seemed to turn itself into a game with blinds anyways. Lots of limp/folding in early position, button was way too powerful with no blinds to squeeze and keep him in check. Every hand where you weren't the button and first in the pot felt like you were in the SB

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