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Forum game: Hyper-deep stacked NL holdem

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fira   United States. Feb 04 2018 20:26. Posts 6345

Anyone interested in participating in a forum game where players play NL hold'em at extremely deep stacks? I'm thinking 10,000 BBs would be a good start. We could have teams or just solo players, either HU or 6 max or whatever. I (or anyone hosting) would PM players their hands and post updates here in the thread, like the flop turn and river cards. Betting/raising and stuff could be done in thread. We could also have multiple "tables" going on at once, so it goes faster. At the end of each hand the host should reveal what each player had.

So yeah, post if you're interested!

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K40Cheddar   United States. Feb 05 2018 06:29. Posts 2194

Seems like too much work with little incentive


fira   United States. Feb 05 2018 16:22. Posts 6345

hmm i'll be doing most of the work. it's not a very big commitment, if you join and later don't feel like continuing, someone else can take your spot. mostly i'm interested in exploring hyper-deep play, and there's no way to do this in online poker or anything atm.

hiems   United States. Feb 05 2018 19:29. Posts 1753

10000 bbs ? Seems really useless to learn. Rather do 1000bb.

Format where you pm hands seems bit annoying.

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fira   United States. Feb 05 2018 19:44. Posts 6345

10k bbs is a bit impractical but that's sort of the idea here. i want to try some stuff that's never been done before, to see how the game changes. i actually want to go even deeper than that, but it's a start... ^^;
umm, if you guys do want 1k bbs instead, i'd be okay with that.

what other format would we use? could just spoiler-post hands in the thread, but would that make 'cheating' too easy? not that theres any incentive to cheat~

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Feb 06 2018 17:21. Posts 4713

im down for deep hu ;p

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

fira   United States. Feb 06 2018 19:11. Posts 6345


anyone else? one more and we can start it up HU perhaps

thewh00sel    United States. Feb 10 2018 07:26. Posts 2732

I raise 28BB's

I put on my cape and wizard hat

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PoorUser    United States. Feb 10 2018 08:55. Posts 7436


now thats an old school reference.

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fira   United States. Feb 10 2018 11:17. Posts 6345

  On February 10 2018 06:26 thewh00sel wrote:
I raise 28BB's

I put on my cape and wizard hat

that means you're in i think? ^^;

how many BBs do you guys want? is 10k okay, or something less bizarre, like 1k?

also how many tables? i'd be okay with running up to 10 or so.

btw most likely we'll do a session of 100 hands or so, since someone busting this deep is unlikely to occur without extended amounts of play


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