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Mollys Game

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K40Cheddar   United States. Jan 13 2018 23:30. Posts 2159

Whats up.

Anyone seen the new molly's game movie? I m pretty skeptical on most poker movies like most people on here probably are. I actually thought it was outstanding acting wise and poker conceptwise. They didnt talk hard strats much but i liked the way they communicated the home game feel. Figured id post see if anyone had thoughts.

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lucky331   . Jan 18 2018 13:42. Posts 906

i am glad that there is a movie that will bring back the poker boom!

iandeezy   United States. Jan 20 2018 08:54. Posts 317

I wasn't a big fan. If Sorkin wasn't dictating the tempo with his dialogue it would have been pretty boring. I feel like there had to be a lot left out regarding the players and how it got so big right?. Also leaves me wondering if Toby Maguire was really that good...

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blackjacki2   United States. Feb 02 2018 01:09. Posts 2038

I liked it. It didn't have much actual poker in the movie which I think is a good thing. Actual poker in movies has always seemed stupid to me. Runner-runner? No way! What are the odds?! I guess it's 100% because the cards can come out however the screenwriter wants them to come out. I mean I guess that's true for all sports movies but poker in movies has always seemed especially contrived to me.

If you're a fan of Aaron Sorkin's work you will probably like this too. Great acting and great dialogue that makes even a deposition seem riveting.

lucky331   . Feb 02 2018 14:36. Posts 906

i'm still looking forward to rounders 2 wherein we'll see knish still grinding 1/2 on his leather ass.

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Feb 04 2018 02:13. Posts 2288

I think the movie was well made but did not like how they portrayed molly as almost a hero. Also what makes the story interesting is really that there were celebrities in the games otherwise there would be little talk of the case but then keeping the celebs hidden in the movie was disappointing... although Cera is supposedly tobey right?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Feb 20 2018 03:37. Posts 3680

thought it was ok, but what is up with molly thinking she is such a big deal. She came off as a little egotistical or something, to me. Also the psychotherapy bit tilts me. Her dad seemed like a real asshole. Otherwise good movie.

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whammbot   Belarus. Feb 20 2018 13:59. Posts 75

it was fine but poker wasn't really the main theme of the movie. It felt like "Miss Sloane Poker" to me, her other movie, almost exactly the same character and idris elbas role was played by mark strong. It's a good movie but it's weird seeing her do the same thing again


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