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Home game AhTh optimal play

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K40Cheddar   United States. Nov 06 2017 19:22. Posts 2202

Hey all. I had an interesting hand with some friends and we got into a lot of arguments/strategy discussion regarding this hand. I wanna hear the thoughts of better players than me to see if I'm at fault.

Game is .5/1 blinds I have around $90 in the CO villains have me covered. 6 handed. Folds to me with AhTh I make it $3. Called by BTN who is a huge spewing fish and get called by BB who is a competent friend of mine who regularly plays NL100/200 on fishy sites and 2/5 live.

Flop 78T rainbow.

BB checks I make it $8. May seem high but I made it that big because spewy on my left can call with a ton of garbage and play weak on later streets. He folds BB calls.

Turn 4h giving me TPTK + flush draw

Pot is around $23 here if I did the math right. Checks to me I elect to go big here for around $19. BB raises to about $44 I decide given stack size best to just get it in right now instead of calling and folding bad river cards. Seems too exploitable to me given how much has been committed to the pot. I figure even if BB holds two pair I have 14 outs against hands like that.

Ultimately, I'm not directly upset with my play in the hand and believe I would do the same thing again in a low stakes home game but it may not be the best approach. Villian had suggested that the flop/turn sizes are too big and if you go smaller on those streets you have the ability to get away from the hand when you don't improve. He also argues that a person who defends BB decently wide will be more likely to hit that board's range than my range will.

My counter arugment was that the flop was big due to a spewtard in the hand. The turn was continued big as I felt that in all situations that I get called there are many opportunities to either All-in the river easily on nut cards and check back the river easily and still be ahead against missed 9x or weak tens. In cases where I get raised, I can theoretically still be ahead sometimes and have up to 14 outs against two pair and 9 outs against sets/straights. If the turn was a non-heart 4, I would have considered a smaller sizing around $12-$13. It would also be possible for me to set up some bluff river spots if I have 9x and the river comes a Q/K/A.

Would anyone do anything differently? Do you think this is fine?

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hiems   United States. Nov 06 2017 22:40. Posts 2979

I don't really like the get it in on the turn.

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thewh00sel    United States. Nov 07 2017 16:43. Posts 2734

I think on the turn ur dead to your flush draw most of the time vs live regs ch raise. Nothing wrong with calling and folding if you don't hit, he made it pretty small so he's prob nutted +FD himself or something stupid. I don't mind the flop sizing, but on the turn I'd go smaller to keep in hands like 9+pair weak Tx and you can get two smaller streets that add up to more than that turn bet. If you bet this size on the turn and the river is a 2 are you really able to get another street most of the time? Prob not.

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YoMeR   United States. Nov 08 2017 03:02. Posts 12435

turn improved our hand. I see no reason to go big here unless we have a specific reason to. bet 1/2ish the pot call most reasonable sized raises.

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 08 2017 13:00. Posts 15162

Think about your range here
You cbet large 3way on a very connected board that smashes both their ranges and there's a donk in the pot
Now 56 completes too
What bluffs do we feasibly have here really?
And then bet accordingly, it will be close to what the guys are saying
And in theory probably much smaller actually but with all the pair+draw hands he can call still and the fact that we can continue vs a check/raise around half pot does seem good to me

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Fayth    Canada. Nov 12 2017 22:02. Posts 10085

I would either overbet turn to like 28-29 here instead of 19 and call off the shove or check behind, as played I would just call and fold to a river shove unimproved

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 13 2017 19:07. Posts 5285

um, just exploit their tiny turn raise by calling, then fold/call on river depending on their fequencies. It's fine to check behind turn as well. I don't disagree with overbetting turn, but i think it's the weakest value hand we would want to do it with.

Their raise size on turn is bad imo, they should be jamming if they have a raise, given how connected the board texture is. They are allowing you to realize equity with any flush draw. They should put you in a tough spot check-jamming turn with high equity semi bluff hands, and nut hands.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 13 2017 22:54. Posts 5285

  On November 08 2017 12:00 LemOn[5thF] wrote:

What bluffs do we feasibly have here really?

I'm pretty tired of hearing this sentence, you should have bluffs in almost every single node in your decision tree for poker, so this sentence basically doesn't even apply to the great game of nl holdem

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