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Ac7C 5/10/20 (2)

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 30 2017 11:59. Posts 6540

Preflop (7handed, 3.9k effective)

I raise UTG Ac7c
UTG+1 Calls
UTG+2 Calls

Flop (324)
I bet 81
UTG+1 calls

Turn (486?
I bet 121
UTG+1 calls

River (728)
I check
UTG+1 bets 364
I ??

He is a regular that is probably a decent winner at these stakes, 30/25/9 im going to guess and laggy post.

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The Last Laugh.Last edit: 30/10/2017 23:57

Daut    United States. Oct 30 2017 19:22. Posts 8955

Going to comment on all of these, mostly so I can find holes in my thought process as it's been years since I've played/thought about poker and would like to get involved in discussion.

What's the river? Assuming a non diamond/club 2-9 that doesn't change the board I think I call, see more than enough missed diamonds or sticky gutshots that decide to bluff rather than show down and you probably check more Ax at some point in the hand than you reach river with so you should probably call most of them that get there. I think I fold if river is a broadway or diamond, you should have enough c/r on those to fold.

NewbSaibot: 18 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Because FUCK YOU, DautLast edit: 30/10/2017 19:23

wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 30 2017 23:57. Posts 6540

Sorry updated river. Thanks for chiming In, I’m also working my game again.

I’ll update results and my process too.

The Last Laugh.Last edit: 31/10/2017 00:55

legitxeris   United States. Sep 15 2018 07:49. Posts 4

UTG, normally do not raise with Ac7c unless you are deep stack and you can read players good
2 callers and 2 kings on the flop. One called your bet on the flop, so stop betting on the turn with that weak hand.

Next time, don't tell us the results.
You ruined a chance to get an honest review

FrinkX   United States. Oct 31 2018 20:37. Posts 7561

you friggen tell em legitxeris!

slam yo dick-o-knowledge down on the table & let em all marvel

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

K40Cheddar   United States. Nov 15 2018 01:31. Posts 2202

Dont raise Ax suited in a shorthanded game.

Seems legit


Syntax   United States. Dec 21 2018 06:59. Posts 4415

Noob response incoming: ugh, i probably fold. I think if he has royal flush draw, he may raise the flop/turn some of the time and if he has a weak FD then he's probably pitching it most of the time on the turn. Looks like a very clear K to me. If he has an ace, i imagine he's checking back most of the time. I just don't see people double-floating here against a UTG raise on that board. Might seem weak but i think i just pitch it here.

wut wut wut 


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