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5/10/20 (2 ante)

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 30 2017 10:47. Posts 6540

This hand is played on some Chinese room.

7 Handed, blinds are 5/10/20 Straddle with 2 ante.

Hand is between HJ (5.2k), CO(7.9k), BT(5.6k)

I am in the HJ, my image is loose, I've raised a bunch, 3bet a bunch and folded to 3bet a bunch. Nothing too wild went to SD.
Opponents both seem like regs in these games but they are probably not very good compared to stars regs. There might also be card sharing cheaters on this site I suspect not sure how much that changes things.

One more detail is that these games aren't raked per hand but raked per session, if you are up they rake you if you are down they dont. Because of this people goto flops alot and limp alot more. Games are less crazy preflop action and more about post flop.

I raise 44 (HJ) pot to $91, CO and BT and BB(2k) all call.

FLOP (Pot 395)

BB checks, I bet 296, CO and BT both call, BB folds.

TURN (1300)

What are their ranges and check or bet? If i bet how much?

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Nitewin   United States. Oct 31 2017 19:39. Posts 1539


33, 56s, 67s, 57s, 6-A9s, A3s, A2s, A5s, XdXd


Probably similar range.


Bomb turn to rep the K. You have a disguised hand because many people cbet flop with air and continue turn to rep the K. Rarely you flop a set in this situation so you have the top of your range. Texture opens up to a lot more drawing possibilities, diamonds, low straight draw, high gutter straight draw, and combo draws. I would bet close to pot or more, like 1200-1600. You could rep a combo draw yourself. If CO was on a draw, he could convince himself to call thinking if BT calls, he'll have great odds. If both call, you are giving up on diamond rivers.

wobbly_au   Australia. Nov 01 2017 07:26. Posts 6540

I checked

CO bet 640 and BT calls

Whats my CR size? How do I play rivers.

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YoMeR   United States. Nov 04 2017 04:38. Posts 12435

Unless we have a plan to c/r small here ~1300-1800 a c/jam seems ok no? any c/r 2k+ we've committed too much already that the river kinda plays itself. Could make the argument any c/r kinda commits us here. Also since it's 3 way action on turn it's quite likely someone is holding strong FD or FD+SD/pair type holdings which are gonna have hard time folding to big turn action anyways.

I like nite's plan of betting turn if both call check/fold diamond river and prob c/c river vs 1 turn caller.

eZ Life. 

wobbly_au   Australia. Nov 04 2017 08:22. Posts 6540

I c/r pot and both mucked~ Pretty sure its not optimal if I check. I like betting big turn.

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 05 2017 16:24. Posts 15162

use equilab or some shit
Or record your play and post screens
so damn annoying to read lol

93% Sure! Last edit: 05/11/2017 16:27

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 05 2017 16:27. Posts 15162

Smaller on flop so you can bet with wider range
with this size this is a flop check 3way vs 2 people

now you made the hand weird tbh I'd still bet because they will X back too much here, when you check then lead river it's gonna be hard to rep bluffs really
I'd just bet between 55-66% really

93% Sure! Last edit: 05/11/2017 16:29


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