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2/2 or 2/5

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NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 14 2017 22:46. Posts 4944

My card room has a 40/300 buyin limit for 2/2, and a 200/800 limit for 2/5. Most of the 2/2 players buy in for the minimum ($40, uhg) to $100 tops. The only time anyone has a bigger stack is either because they won it or transferred from another game. The standard 2/2 open raise is usually anywhere from $12-17, mostly due to frequent straddling so half the time it's 2/4 anyway vs $100 stacks or less. Lots of limping of course and people calling for 1/3 of their stack preflop with their entire hand range.

The 2/5 game doesnt play quite as weird. Lot of minbuys but at twice the minimum ($200) this helps. The standard open there is usually $20-25 with occasional straddling (usually just 1 guy and not every orbit), and avg stack sizes are usually around 60-100BB and quite often a few players having 150BB+. This was my bread and butter limit that I played for a living at last year so I'm very comfortable with the betsizes, stacks, etc.

So clearly 2/5 still plays bigger than 2/2, but not that much bigger. Considering they both have the same rake structure ($5 + 2 BBJ) I'm wondering if it's quite simply +EV to just move up and play here despite not being rolled for it.

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K40Cheddar   United States. Sep 15 2017 00:32. Posts 2202

I was with you all the way till you said "not rolled" for it


NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 15 2017 02:35. Posts 4944

Yeah I'm not tryin to be greedy and jump up stakes and all that. Just trying to jumpstart my career at a stake that can reasonably be beaten. I'm not sure even $20/hr is attainable in a game vs a bunch of shortstacks and $7 rake per hand. And despite the abysmal fold I made with the nut straight yesterday and talk of scared money, I'm obviously not *that* scared since I'm raising 12x from the fuckin SB with JTo lol. That was just a deer in headlights moment and complete failure to just calm down and put myself in villains shoes to find a preflop calling range.

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SleepyHead   . Sep 15 2017 04:28. Posts 878

$7 rake will eat you alive against $40 stacks. How rolled is not rolled?

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NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 15 2017 04:56. Posts 4944

  On September 15 2017 03:28 SleepyHead wrote:
$7 rake will eat you alive against $40 stacks. How rolled is not rolled?

500BB for 2/5, 1000BB for 2/2. But I do have a job so I have an income stream, no risk there. I could save up more, but I figured I might as well start playing now just to get the ball rolling.

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SleepyHead   . Sep 16 2017 04:37. Posts 878

I'd stick with 2/2 until I had 10k

Dude you some social darwinist ideas that they are giving hitlers ghost a boner - Baal 

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Sep 16 2017 06:19. Posts 5304

10k? This is live poker, you should be playing with 10 buy ins because the games are so soft.

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JohnnyBologna   United States. Oct 19 2017 11:27. Posts 1401

2/5 is the minimum for playing as a 'PRO'. but do as you must.

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vurna   . Oct 27 2022 12:39. Posts 124

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