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casinocasino   Canada. Aug 07 2018 02:13. Posts 3343

Havent gotten paid from site in almost a month

hiems   United States. Aug 08 2018 21:07. Posts 2291

Damn wtf


casinocasino   Canada. Aug 09 2018 19:11. Posts 3343

got partially paid today.

hiems   United States. Aug 12 2018 07:23. Posts 2291

I got paid yesterday, didn't have any problems. I've heard its harder for canadians for some reason.


hiems   United States. Sep 11 2018 02:08. Posts 2291

not sure if anyone notice but midstakes alot worse reg/fish ratio then before.


traxamillion   United States. Sep 11 2018 15:53. Posts 10468

yes clearly. they lost all of the paypal (ez deposit) fish so the site went from the softest to standard.

hiems   United States. Sep 13 2018 19:25. Posts 2291

imo for midstakes NLHE its worth it to bumhunt the 9max tables. the more stubborn regulars are less likely to sit there and often times its rarely full ring anyway and even if it is doesn't really matter that much. also there are some fish that probably prefer 9max as it is more familiar to live poker. not sure how this is for plo.


lambeturah   Indonesia. Oct 13 2019 21:56. Posts 2

--- Nuked ---

whammbot   Belarus. Oct 14 2019 04:00. Posts 485

who didn't see this coming lol and i get made fun of sure go light money on fire. the only way aroudn this is some sort of crypto currency driven site if ever there's going to be some alternative. you cant be making money and breaking bank/government arrangements with bank regions who have their own agreements over how money is moved in their territories.

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casinocasino   Canada. Dec 31 2019 19:11. Posts 3343

Maybe that's why it takes them like a month to pay me everytime

tommysnap   United States. Feb 21 2020 03:35. Posts 1

--- Nuked ---

NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 22 2020 06:55. Posts 4894

Any reviews on current traffic during the pandemic?

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - Zalfor 

Dinewbie   United States. Apr 20 2020 04:10. Posts 56

This site is actually legit? I was under the impression that they would have exit-scammed by now, considering that when you deposit you are exchanging your valuable dollars for their worthless "sweepstakes tokens"

Btw I am FujikuraLast edit: 20/04/2020 04:11

fmustang1981   United States. Mar 14 2021 22:57. Posts 1

--- Nuked ---

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Harvey55   United Kingdom. Mar 15 2021 14:17. Posts 6

me either

Vegas415   Algeria. Mar 21 2021 21:38. Posts 1

--- Nuked --- 

Harvey55   United Kingdom. Mar 25 2021 12:27. Posts 6

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patricialob   United States. Aug 10 2021 18:54. Posts 2

--- Nuked ---

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cabyxiaomi   . Oct 11 2021 10:23. Posts 2

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cabyxiaomi   . Oct 15 2021 13:15. Posts 2

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