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Weight loss challenge

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SPEWTARD   Peru. Dec 01 2014 10:26. Posts 4303
Sup nits,

Basically since i started workin/havin some money and moved alone (like 10 years ago) i had to take care of my food and stuff and sadly i started to eat a bit (a lot) unhealthy and started to gain weight. I ve managed to lose some but always got back to fast food and not exercisin, etc.

So, i was doin "ok" until i started playin full time mtts again, gained like 13kg in 4 months which is insane and terrible and all my fault obv. I wont be tryin to drop kgs like super fast, im just gonna try to fix my bad habits.

Anyway im at 100kg atm, my height is only 1.72m so i have a loooot of overweight, so, time to stop bein a moron.

I signed up to the gym last month but i never started it seriously so its on hold right now.

The masterplan:

*have a healthy breakfast everyday (no more coca cola+cigarrete lol)
*remove coke and other sodas completely (replace with 2lts of water per day at least)
*exercise at least 3-4 days per week
*ban fast food completely
*reduce carbs as much as possible.
*eventually stop smokin
*stop killing myself with bad food.

So it doesnt look that hard but in a grown man its very hard to change habits like insta. Thats the challenge.

I ve made this spreadsheet to keep track of my goals, feel free to visit it and berate me if i fail to accomplish my goals.

Im not sure in how many months i could get into my ideal weight and im not gonna rush it, but if i read this in like 6 months and im wearin some of the NEW clothes i someday bought and could never use, id be more than satisfied.

If someone wants to jump in and bet against me with some realistic terms for the bet i might take it for motivation purposes, so feel free to msg me, also tips and how to eat right ideas are welcome.

Oh right, this is a poker forum, poker is ok now, im playin full schedule mtts startin from big 5 or 75 and endin at nightly 162, had some results, but still waitin for that big score.

love/hate relationship with mtts

gl all!


before (guy on the right)

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Sleepy311   Vietnam. Dec 01 2014 10:30. Posts 122

you don't look overweight imo

more like "Comfortably bulky"

kinoartee   Mexico. Dec 01 2014 10:40. Posts 4

vaamo eguiiis! gl bro

Don´t worry, be grinder! 

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Dec 01 2014 16:16. Posts 5644

Daym, that is heavyweight.


around 1kg per month is a reasonable goal. another thing that will really help, I mean REALLY help, is to use a program to track how much you are eating. e.g. myfitnesspal app on android or iphone. Just by entering what you are eating, it makes you much more conscious of you eating. And it gives you a goal to try to stay under, calories wise, so it makes dieting more interesting, like a game. And it makes you feel like someone is watching your eating, i.e. the app, which helps keep the pressure on = success.
also, reading books about diet and exercise helps you keep motivation.

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Mortensen8   Chad. Dec 01 2014 19:12. Posts 1828

Once you have eaten healthily for a few weeks it won't be difficult because you realize the extra energy and happiness it gives you.
I wouldn't worry about eating too much if it is healthy but if you are worried then one teaspoon a day of organic raw virgin coconut oil, it is rich in vitamin e and can decrease your appetite.
You are aware of sodas and such and I would suggest mineral water only not even juice because it's too concentrated. Rather just eat fruits for your sugar with the added benefit of fibre.
I don't agree that starches are to blame more the type of starch most which are filled with sugar and salt, try and get some healthy bread from some health store or something get yourself some healthy starches like oats, if you quit starches completely expect to be hungry all the time.

Some of my own theories:
Eat way more fish than you do in fact most cultures would eat meat rarely as a luxury food so I eat meat twice a week and fish 5 times especially good are oily fish.
Always cook your own food.
Not everyone can afford this but it's my opinion that higher quality foods (organic) are better for you and especially such products as eggs and dairy because cows need grass no matter what anyone tells me.
Get some sort of fermented food in your diet.
Always read labels and research on your own. This refers back to the fermented food as an example some pickles you might buy in a supermarket will contain: Cornichons, water, onions, sugar, salt, spirit vinegar, mustard seeds, acidity regulator acetic acid, spice extracts, firming agent calcium chloride, preservative sulphur dioxide
Compared to what I bought in a health shop: organic gherkins, filtered water, rock salt, dill, garlic, horseradish, cherry leaves.
The supermarket one has more shelf life and doesn't need to be refrigerated at all times, but at what costs?
It is my opinion that there is a form of soft kill going on in the food industry serving crap cheaply so watch yourself.

Don't be afraid of fat for years they have been lying to us about fat being unhealty, natural fat is very healthy for the brain and actually makes you eat less. It is just trans fats contained in processed foods that you need to worry about.

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mnj   United States. Dec 01 2014 21:43. Posts 3848

gl! i've also been struggling to keep weight down myself. i've been trying to incorporate 1 good habit at a time! your list seems overwhelming to me!

SPEWTARD   Peru. Dec 01 2014 22:28. Posts 4303

thanks for the advice guys, will try to update this at least every 2 weeks or monthly

Rise and Shine 

ClouD87   Italy. Dec 01 2014 23:57. Posts 524

I've dropped 25kg in the last 2 years. Just follow paleo diet you will become slim in no time and feel energetic like a kid on coke.
Check out this website:

neokx   . Dec 02 2014 00:00. Posts 21

you can do it ! weon #confe

TalentedTom    Canada. Dec 02 2014 00:06. Posts 20070

get a workout buddy

that helps a lot

Also stop eating out very often, restaurants put ALOT of calorie heavy shit in foods, if you make your own food your find its very easy to eat less calories

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mnj   United States. Dec 02 2014 03:00. Posts 3848

  On December 01 2014 22:57 ClouD87 wrote:
I've dropped 25kg in the last 2 years. Just follow paleo diet you will become slim in no time and feel energetic like a kid on coke.
Check out this website:

WTF beans and legumes are bad for you????? someone please explain! personally speaking when i got down to single digit body fat it was through beans.

iop   Sweden. Dec 02 2014 06:52. Posts 4950

Start your day by taking a 1hr walk, finish your day by taking a 1hr walk. Try to cut carbs as much as possible. Try to avoid alcohol and soda.

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LikeASet   United States. Dec 02 2014 11:20. Posts 2113

You don't really want to try to cut carbs as much as possible because overtime your body will adjust to a low carb diet and it will be hard to keep that type of diet. Just slowly add more fiberous carbs to your choices of carbs like oats, beans, and leafy green vegetables, best to do it slowly.

ClouD87   Italy. Dec 02 2014 15:18. Posts 524

  On December 02 2014 02:00 mnj wrote:
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WTF beans and legumes are bad for you????? someone please explain! personally speaking when i got down to single digit body fat it was through beans.

They aren't bad afaik, just empty food cause after being cooked they lose lots of nutritional value

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Dec 02 2014 19:15. Posts 6374

fck u losing weight is the easiest thing ever

ban baal 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Dec 03 2014 07:05. Posts 8646

  On December 02 2014 18:15 dogmeat wrote:
fck u losing weight is the easiest thing ever

Truck-Crash Life 

auffenpuffer   Finland. Dec 03 2014 11:19. Posts 1429

the secret to losing weight is counting calories and macronutrients of every single thing that you eat. Working out allows you to eat somewhat more and also preserves muscle tissue (assuming you have some to begin with), but is no substitute for following exact calorie consumption. Really, I struggled with controlling my weight for some time, but once I understood this I noticed losing weight is trivially easy.

All the things you have on your masterplan sound great (except for reducing carbs, do you know how much exactly carbs you eat daily? Your protein needs will be very modest as you won't be aiming for hyperthrophy in any case), but if you want to really control your weight keep a track of your calorie intake. First hit by google is, I dunno if it's good but some online system will prove helpful for you.

When I was losing weight, I found that it was very useful to go training at the time when I normally would have eaten dinner, because I didn't feel hungry right after the exercise and would then be able to eat dinner just before going to bet. That way I wouldn't feel hungry at night, while still eating only as many calories as my plan dictated.

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miriambou   . Apr 27 2022 00:15. Posts 2

With this you will be able to reduce the percentage of fat in your body. To track this information, I purchased a smart scale for myself. Like many other modern gadgets, smart scales work in tandem with mobile devices: smartphones, tablets. Some have online interfaces and PC applications, but more often there are still mobile applications. The data is stored in the "cloud" of the manufacturer of the scales, and the entire array is processed there. To send them there, the device connects to the Internet. There are two ways to do this: synchronize the scale with a mobile gadget, or directly connect to a home wireless network. In the first case, the Bluetooth standard is used, in the second — Wi-Fi.

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