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TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 06 2012 11:11. Posts 249
Keeping a blog can't be a bad idea, though I feel like one of those "DeadJournal" or "LiveJournal" kids from when I was in middle school... lol.

Anyways, this being the first entry and all, I suppose this should have a little background tied to it. Back when I used to play on PokerStars (I say used to because I live in America), I was never a winning player... Binked a tourney for 5k here, 6months later bink for 2.6k there, you know... something "life-changing" (for a broke college kid). But me being the broke college kid I was, naturally I was immature and blew all my winnings.. Yada Yada, you know how the story goes.

Fast-Forward to late November 2011. I start to get "the itch" again. I hadn't played since Black Friday, and was wondering how things were going to shake out with the poker scene in America. After reading some an extensive Q and A on 2+2 by Dwan (big thanks btw, he didn't have to do that), I started to get a better grip on where things were going and began to see how this was all going to pan out.

Fast-Forward a little further to late December 2011. I finally threw down a deposit on Carbon poker... Started playing around, trying to bump up big from $100 on 50PLO-HU. A pretty great idea obviously... Needless to say, I went busto time and time again after like 4-5 redeposits.... STANDARD.

Until one day I made a forum post here and ABSOLUTELY got my asshole handed to me by JohnnyCosMo... He incepted the shit out of me better than Leo ever could (or that little mousey girl either btw). He prattled on about "being honest with yourself" and "how he used to be in my position years ago" wtc... and it didn't really hit me at first, but I remember reading it over and over again.

It finally resonated. I checked my ego at the door and decided I was a fish, plain and simple. I knew a lot about poker, but compared to others I really only knew a little more than the basics.

Where to go from here? I guess since I just burnt through $400, I could definitely see myself doing it again. So I counted that additional $400 as a sunk cost and decided to get lessons.

But for what area of my game? SnGs? Boring... Cash? Meh... MTTs? I did have some success there. They ARE very exciting when you run deep... Ok so MTTs it is!

Finally some direction, some positive energy and a great attitude. A willingness to give my money to someone in exchange for their poker prowess. That itself, as a poker player, is a pretty humbling experience. It is almost like admitting, "I need help." It's a pretty big step.

So I hopped on pocket5's coaching section and did some research, read some reviews, and looked at what I could afford... BOOM! BRANDON SHANE (ShaneTrain22) was the CLEAR standout pick. Soon I'd realize this was LITERALLY the best coach I could have picked (given all determining factors). I'll plug him more at the end, but back to my story, lol.

Coaching went great. Now it was time to hit the tables as a professional. And when I say professional I don't mean someone who is a poker pro (obv), I mean someone who is approaching the game from the standpoint of a professional. Taking the game seriously, respecting broll management, staying disciplined. etc... having a professional attitude. All the key factors that made Pro players what they are today.

INSTANT SUCCESS! How good does that feel?! Oh you like that?! Talk dirty to me poker! lol... seriously though, final table after final table, top 3 after top 3, win after win. It was like the flood gates opened and I finally realized how this thing is supposed to be done. GRINDING the micros, NOT getting out of line with my broll, NOT tilting. Letting my SKILL govern my success.

I hit $1K profit last night after starting with $100 at the beginning of FEB 2012 (And if I'm being honest I had a -$200 degen relapse at PLO, but I think that was a good thing cause it convinced me to never try it again. Helped me see my path clearer if that makes any sense).

Feels good to put in work and get results.

Coach Brandon Shane:

Those interested can find him at ... If you buy a lesson with him and mention me, TampaBayManning, he said he'd give me a free hour so... Please and thank you! Here was the review I wrote for him on P5s...

Brandon really is a great coach. Instead of handing down mandates from the poker heavens on what is right or wrong, he has an intelligent and respectful conversation with you. He helps you realize WHY a certain line of thinking is better than another, and HOW to get the most VALUE for any given situation. He is very invested in his students' successes. VERY DOWN TO EARTH. Cool dude. I can't give him enough credit for straightening me out.

Thanks for reading, all. Hopefully I'll be doing this once a month. Lata!

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Merlot Fo Sho 

TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 06 2012 11:48. Posts 249

Not that its terrible or anything, but I can see proof reading will be key in the future. lol.

Merlot Fo Sho 

TheTrees   United States. Mar 06 2012 12:39. Posts 1592

Mat, since I live in the St. Pete area I would definitely be down to do some group lessons w/ Bshane if that's something your/he is cool with.

PM me if so.

Btw, nice work improving.

TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 06 2012 12:51. Posts 249

maybe for sure. i live in st. pete. you?

Merlot Fo Sho 

Tensai176   Canada. Mar 06 2012 13:39. Posts 1018

Congratulations man, It must feel pretty good =D

I remember that post. I think alot of people really learned from that post.

TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 06 2012 13:40. Posts 249

  On March 06 2012 12:39 Tensai176 wrote:
Congratulations man, It must feel pretty good =D

I remember that post. I think alot of people really learned from that post.

yeah for sure. i mean, i know i did. lol he absolutely destroyed me, but it was what i needed. some god's honest truth given by a notable figure.

Merlot Fo Sho 

TheTrees   United States. Mar 06 2012 14:20. Posts 1592

off 5th avenue near Tyrone Mall

TampaBayMat   United States. Mar 06 2012 15:18. Posts 249

i appreciate the offer, but i think ill just keep doing 1-on-1s with him for the time being. msg me on skype tho if you just wanna talk strategy some time. skype=TampaBayManning

Merlot Fo Sho 


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