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One of Phil Hellmuths fans calculated “Poker Brat’s” ROI for WSOP

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 06 2018 21:57. Posts 4750

Just recently Phil Hellmuth has won yet another bracelet, this time in a NL Holdem event. Many say this proves he is still a very good player, but others criticise that it's just luck. One of PH's fans decided to give them evidence of Poker Brat's skills!

“Poker Brat” handles World Series of Poker very well. Since the 80s Phil has won as many as 15 trophies, most in NL Holdem. Now he has won yet another in Turbo tournament and it made people start a discussion again on how good Phil really is.

No one knows for sure so we will let then umbers speak for themselves. A 2+2 forum user and stats fan “chzbrglr” calculated ROI for Hellmuth's performance in Holdem events.

Phil appeared first at WSOP in 1988. Hard to say exactly how many tournaments he has played. “Chzbrglr” decided to consider NL Holdem and Pot Limit Holdem games. We can assume Phil has been playing them a lot over the last 30 years. Part of information can also be found on as far as last years are concerned. Hellmuth stays away from events like Big One for One Drop (participated in one plus a few High Rolers). Let's take a look at the numbers then, because they are amazing!

Phil joined a total of 473 tournaments. Altogether the entry fees were $2,992,665. Cashes for Phil on the other hand amount to $10,345,935! This means rough rpofit of $7,454,270, which statistically speaking means 246% ROI!

One must admit it's impressive and this is the minimum ROI and profit. In reality it can be much more depending on how many events Phil has really played. Before the poker boom Phil might have played tons of NLH events – there were not so many of them as today, but all available. After 2005 Holdem was everywhere and Poker Brat couldn't physically attend all of them.

See other stats:

WSOP only in Las Vegas

Poker tournament sample – 428 events
Estimated buy-ins – $2,656,059
Rough cashes – $9,211,358
Profit – $6,555,299
Estimated ROI – 247%
International WSOP (converted to USD)

Poker tournament sample – 45 events
Estimated buy-ins – $336,606
Rough cashes – $1,134,577
Profit – $797,971
Estimated ROI – 237%
Complete WSOP results, excluding Super High Rollers (buy-ins $100,000 and higher)

Possible tournament sample – 469 tournaments
Estimated buy-ins – $1,659.332$
Rough cashes – $6,691,775$
Profit – $5,032,443$
Estimated ROI – 303%

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PuertoRican   United States. Aug 06 2018 22:42. Posts 11460

Phil Hellmuth is the GOAT.

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whammbot   Belarus. Aug 07 2018 08:50. Posts 311

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