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Triton Series Jeju – Kenneth Kee wins almost $3,000,000

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We know another winner of Triton Series. Second biggest buy-in event goes to Kenneth Kee. It was not an easy fight for him though!

The leader on the second day of $127,000 BI event was French player Romain Arnaud, who had a bit of a lead over Kenneth Kee. The prize pool at that time was nearly $4,000,000, but registration was still open. Sixteen players returned to the tables, Peter Jetten, Jason Koon, Tom Dwan and Andrew Robl among them.

The entry fee worth $127,000 was not too much for others and so we welcomed Phil Ivey, Gabe Patgorski, Ivan Leow, Bryn Kenney and Cary Katz. Entries finally amounted to 60, which meant there would be six places paid and 2.8 million dollars for the first place!

It was a strange run for Tom Dwan. Poker player outsmarted others and accumulated chips up to 3 million chips, but then he lost it all. First he doubled Kenneth Kee in JJ vs AK situation. Then he tried bluffing Richard Yong, and finally got eliminated on AJ9 flop when he was holding AJ. Turn was T. Dwan called an all-in from Cary Katz and saw his opponent was having KQ!

Paul Phua hit the rail in the 8th spot. One more elimination was needed for the bubble to burst. Andrew Robl was it (pictured). Poker player went all-in with his AT and was called by Richard Yong's AQ. The board changed nothing and the bubble was no more.

Ivan Leow was the first to go who got some money out of the event. He clashed with Kenneth Kee, who took the lead a few moments after. He trapped with AA and it paid off. Mikita Badziakouski was “lucky” enough to get KK and raised. Peter Jetten turned over… QQ! He moved all-ina, Kee did the same, and Badziakouski completed with cowboys. Aces held up and Kee scored a double elimination!

Poker players fought for a lomng time and the lead went from one to the other.

This unique day started great for Kenneth Kee. Poker player had AJ and he won with Richard Yong. He caught two pair and Yong gave a lot of chips to him with lower two pair. Afterwards there was one more hand of JT vs AQ.

We can say that heads-up was won by a more experienced Short Deck Holdem player. Katz was putting a good fight but when he turned over JT he decided to go for it. Kee unfortunately for him had QQ. This hand held up and Kee won the High Roller!

Kee was playing better over the three days. He was not gambling so much and controlled his stack more. He even said that he adapted to the dynamics.

– You cannot gamble in an event like you would in a cash game. This is just like in No Limit Holdem tournaments – he said admitting that the strategy is not so different than at cash tables. – This is a new game. People have not learnt all yet.

Final results of $127,000:
Kenneth Kee – $2,866,838
Cary Katz – $1,773,617
Richard Yong – $1,162,025
Peter Jetten – $802,715$
Mikita Badziakouski – $588,657
Ivan Leow – $451,049

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