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Jessica Bian Hong Yang wins WPT Korea Main Event

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Defrag   Poland. Oct 05 2017 17:00. Posts 4668

Jessica Bian Hong Yang became, just two days ago, officially the the world's first WPT title holder in Asia after taking down the WPT Korea Main Event earlier this week for $50,000 main prize.

According to, Bian Yang is mainly a cash game pro, but she has a good understanding of tournament as well, and those abilities with a bit of luck helped her to beat the field of 175 players total, that included several other tough competitors and pros.

One of those competitors included Iori Yogo, who is currenly third on the Japan’s all-time money list. Yogo made it to the heads-up play, but couldn't take the lead back and steal the title from Bian Yang. In the final hand, Yogo put his tournament life at risk with pocket deuces and lost the title to Yang, who called with pocket eights.

Yang earned KRW56.992 million (approx. $50,000) for the win, which was also the biggest ever live cash for the Canadian-Korean pro.

WPT Korea Main Event Final Table Results
1 Jessica Bian Hong Yang KRW 56,992,000 $50,000
2 Iori Yogo KRW 39,940,000 $35,000
3 Yi Shun Ji KRW 25,689,000 $21,000
4 Albert Paik KRW 19,020,000 $17,000
5 Jia Liang Xiao KRW 14,277,000 $13,000
6 Tsun Ming Chan KRW 11,412,000 $9,000

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Arirang   Canada. Oct 05 2017 17:24. Posts 1673

how can there be a poker tourney in a country where gambling is banned.

Baalim   Mexico. Oct 05 2017 23:24. Posts 32140

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro OnlineLast edit: 05/10/2017 23:24

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Oct 05 2017 23:42. Posts 4054

she is a cash game pro?? can i marry her

I was GTO in 2007 -wobbly_au 

okyougosu   Russian Federation. Oct 06 2017 01:43. Posts 962

make sure to three bet her before u propose



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