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Handnr: 926114
Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #4354644802646: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 11/15/2011 20:09:51
Table Tijuana 43546448
Seat 1: rustyBarrels $26.03 in chips
Seat 2: whodeypoker $27.54 in chips
Seat 3: BAASSHI $24.21 in chips
Seat 4: mycaddy $29.57 in chips
Seat 5: Hero $40.69 in chips DEALER
Seat 6: AnneJF23 $25.00 in chips
AnneJF23: Post SB $0.10
rustyBarrels: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroQsAs
whodeypoker: Raise $0.85
mycaddy: Fold
Hero: Raise $2.70
AnneJF23: Fold
rustyBarrels: Fold
whodeypoker: Call $1.85

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $5.75)

whodeypoker: Check
Hero: Check

Turn (Pot : $5.75)

whodeypoker: Bet $5.75
Hero: Call $5.75

River (Pot : $17.25)

whodeypoker: Allin $19.09
Hero: Call $19.09

whodeypoker: Shows5dKh
Hero: wins $52.66

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xdrb   United States. Nov 15 2011 21:13. Posts 184

Meh, that's pretty bad by him

You check flop, and A falls on turn. Hits your range very hard after 3b pre with check on flop. Turn bet is ok as semi bluff but river shove is pretty questionable..

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vlseph   United States. Nov 16 2011 02:43. Posts 3026

he has K5o. i don't think any analysis is required.

The only hands a nit balances in his range are the nuts, the second nuts, and the third nuts. 


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