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Handnr: 199701
Submitted by : Nazgul

Full Tilt Poker Game #2506188884: Table Vasari (heads up) - $200/$400 - No Limit Hold'em - 12:38:45 ET - 2007/05/25
Seat 1: traheho ($41,599)
Seat 2: FastandFurious ($38,600)
FastandFurious posts the small blind of $200
traheho posts the big blind of $400
The button is in seat #2

FastandFurious raises to $1,200
traheho calls $800

Flop (Pot : $2,400.00)

traheho checks
FastandFurious bets $18,000
traheho raises to $40,399, and is all in
FastandFurious: oh my GOD, mistype
FastandFurious has 15 seconds left to act
FastandFurious: well
FastandFurious: ive got outs haha
FastandFurious calls $19,400, and is all in
traheho shows Ac8d
FastandFurious shows Kd9s
Uncalled bet of $2,999 returned to traheho

Turn (Pot : $77,200.00)


River (Pot : $77,200.00)

traheho shows a pair of Aces
FastandFurious shows a pair of Kings
traheho wins the pot ($77,199.50) with a pair of Aces
FastandFurious is sitting out

Total pot $77,200 | Rake $0.50
Board:  Ks5dAsQs2c
Seat 1: traheho (big blind) showed Ac8d and won ($77,199.50) with a pair of Aces
Seat 2: FastandFurious (small blind) showed Kd9s and lost with a pair of Kings

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Nazgul    Netherlands. May 25 2007 10:42. Posts 7079


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You almost twin-caracked his AK - JonnyCosmo 

asdf2000   United States. May 25 2007 10:45. Posts 7665

oh man that sucks

Grindin so hard, Im smashin pussies left and right. 

EmKey   Poland. May 25 2007 10:46. Posts 643

thats one expensive typo

redefining weak/tight since 2006 

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 25 2007 11:00. Posts 9133

expensive mistake

acdawg712   United States. May 25 2007 12:41. Posts 2639

that's why you clearly click ur bet, u get 1600 or 2000, big deal :D

phil hellmuth is genuinely a stupid person and he does not understand poker very well at all - [vital]myth 


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