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Handnr: 1094224
Submitted by : Stroggoz

PokerStars Zoom Hand #218603772339: Holdem No Limit ($2.50/$5.00) - 2020/09/19 16:24:39 ET
Table Lambda Velorum 6-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: danielkiosev ($723.64 in chips)
Seat 2: Stroggos_nz ($624.17 in chips)
Seat 3: The way of Mvp ($337.75 in chips)
Seat 4: grandmont ($609.69 in chips)
Seat 5: JungleRoars ($581.97 in chips)
Stroggos_nz: posts small blind $2.50
The way of Mvp: posts big blind $5

Dealt to Stroggos_nz KdAh
grandmont: folds
JungleRoars: folds
danielkiosev: raises $10 to $15
Stroggos_nz: raises $45 to $60
The way of Mvp: calls $55
danielkiosev: folds

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $135.00)

Stroggos_nz: bets $39.60
The way of Mvp: raises $44.60 to $84.20
Stroggos_nz: calls $44.60

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $303.40)

Stroggos_nz: bets $225.30
The way of Mvp: calls $193.55 and is all-in
Uncalled bet ($31.75) returned to Stroggos_nz

River (Pot : $690.50)


Stroggos_nz: shows KdAh (high card Ace)
The way of Mvp: shows KsJs (a pair of Jacks)
The way of Mvp collected $687.50 from pot

Total pot $690.50 | Rake $3
Board  5c7dQcJh4h
Seat 1: danielkiosev (button) folded before Flop
Seat 2: Stroggos_nz (small blind) showed KdAh and lost with high card Ace
Seat 3: The way of Mvp (big blind) showed KsJs and won ($687.50) with a pair of Jacks
Seat 4: grandmont folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 5: JungleRoars folded before Flop (didnt bet)

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Nitewin   United States. Sep 20 2020 11:57. Posts 1347

was the plan to jam any turn?

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Sep 20 2020 20:13. Posts 4725

no, if that was the plan, it would be better to just jam over on the flop.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

lebowski   Greece. Sep 21 2020 18:48. Posts 9193

plan was to donk jam non clubs?

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

Ryan Neilly   United States. Sep 25 2020 21:54. Posts 1481

this hand has this mtt element i use for spr in certain spots on fd boards...


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