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Handnr: 1093983
Submitted by : drone666

PokerStars Hand #216710453995: Holdem No Limit ($100/$200 USD) - 2020/07/23 11:11:45 ET
Table Iris II 6-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 3: Fiilismies ($26319.16 in chips)
Seat 6: Iimitless ($25938.84 in chips)
Iimitless: posts small blind $100
Fiilismies: posts big blind $200

Iimitless: raises $300 to $500
Fiilismies: raises $1500 to $2000
Iimitless: calls $1500

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $4,000.00)

Fiilismies: checks
Iimitless: checks

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $4,000.00)

Fiilismies: checks
Iimitless: checks

River (Pot : $4,000.00)

Fiilismies: checks
Iimitless: bets $2697.90
Fiilismies: raises $7044.60 to $9742.50
Iimitless: raises $14196.34 to $23938.84 and is all-in
Fiilismies: calls $14196.34

Iimitless: shows Th9h (a straight flush, Nine to King)
Fiilismies: shows JsTs (two pair, Kings and Jacks)
Iimitless collected $51874.68 from pot

Total pot $51877.68 | Rake $3
Board  5hJhQhKcKh
Seat 3: Fiilismies (big blind) showed JsTs and lost with two pair, Kings and Jacks
Seat 6: Iimitless (button) (small blind) showed Th9h and won ($51874.68) with a straight flush, Nine to King

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Nitewin   United States. Aug 15 2020 15:28. Posts 1314

What happened?

Whale or was the read that off?

If he can check back T9hh here he can have boats, full houses, nut flushes.

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Nitewin   United States. Aug 15 2020 15:29. Posts 1314

Damn if you're good at poker, you really do print money!

drone666   Brasil. Aug 15 2020 16:25. Posts 1770

those are two of the bosses of online poker right now, so no, they are not whales

Dont listen to anything I say 

YoMeR   United States. Aug 15 2020 18:10. Posts 12424

Are there even that many whales left at nosebleeds nowadays? lol

eZ Life. 

Trav94   Canada. Aug 16 2020 11:29. Posts 1771

  On August 15 2020 15:25 drone666 wrote:
those are two of the bosses of online poker right now, so no, they are not whales

Did Fiilismies improve that much over the past few years? I remember his blog on 2p2 from like 2015 where he was shot taking highstakes a bunch, but not really near the top at all.


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