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Handnr: 1011810
Submitted by : uiCk

PokerStars Hand #99307522102: Tournament #807010863, $10+$1 USD Holdem No Limit - Level XXVII (12500/25000) - 2013/05/30 2:21:18 ET
Table 807010863 53 9-max Seat #1 is the button
Seat 1: ellianaC (736134 in chips)
Seat 2: Gonira (392810 in chips)
Seat 3: kk@rmy@ (586216 in chips)
Seat 4: uiCk (969840 in chips)
ellianaC: posts the ante 2500
Gonira: posts the ante 2500
kk@rmy@: posts the ante 2500
uiCk: posts the ante 2500
Gonira: posts small blind 12500
kk@rmy@: posts big blind 25000

Dealt to uiCk KsKh
uiCk: raises 25000 to 50000
ellianaC: folds
Gonira: raises 340310 to 390310 and is all-in
kk@rmy@: folds
uiCk: calls 340310

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $815,620.00)


Turn(Odds) (Pot : $815,620.00)


River (Pot : $815,620.00)


Gonira: shows AhTs (two pair, Aces and Threes)
uiCk: shows KsKh (two pair, Kings and Threes)
Gonira collected 815620 from pot

Total pot 815620 | Rake 0
Board  Qh3h3d4dAs
Seat 1: ellianaC (button) folded before Flop (didnt bet)
Seat 2: Gonira (small blind) showed AhTs and won (815620) with two pair, Aces and Threes
Seat 3: kk@rmy@ (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: uiCk showed KsKh and lost with two pair, Kings and Threes

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napoleono   Romania. May 30 2013 02:47. Posts 771

Are u still in it? Been following a bit before leaving.


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uiCk   Canada. May 30 2013 03:29. Posts 3521

thx, but
got owned 2 hands later my AQ vs his KK, same guy.

I wish one of your guys had children if I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles so you can feel my pain because thats the pain I have waking up everyday -- Mike Tyson 

napoleono   Romania. May 30 2013 09:31. Posts 771

At least u are rolled now for micro tournies, don't need a stake anymore.


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