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Belvedere vs. Grey Goose

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Forum Index > Poker Blogs   Canada. Oct 09 2011 14:29. Posts 3069
Which do you prefer? And if you could be so kind stating why you prefer it, that would be awesome. From what I've been reading, people say they prefer Grey Goose, but in blind taste tests they seem to be picking Belvedere for smoothness and taste. Are people just convinced by marketing over taste, or does one actually taste better then the other? Let me know.

I forgot to mention, only vote if you had both.

Poll: Better vodka
(Vote): Belvedere
(Vote): Grey Goose

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n1ck   Bulgaria. Oct 09 2011 15:51. Posts 307

grey goose for sure

its smoother

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SneakrFreakr   United Kingdom. Oct 09 2011 16:05. Posts 2534

i might be biased but i think belvedre is nicer. hard to describe but when you drink it warm (well in room temperature) it just goes down smoother. but probably as u said - grey goose wins thanks to marketing. i also think belvedre is like double the price?

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El_Tanque   United States. Oct 09 2011 16:12. Posts 348

the greyest of geese

ManofFire   United Kingdom. Oct 09 2011 17:12. Posts 140

belvedere is much better when neither r chilled.

Chilled wise, they r about even, but I think belvedere has a more rounded potato-y aftertaste, whereas grey goose goes down smoother. Regardless they r almost exactly the same when cold, and it'd be hard to find the difference.

patti   United States. Oct 09 2011 17:23. Posts 550

Both are really well marketed bottles I like them cause the bottles are really gorgeous.

But ketel1 is easily the smoothest and better value than either. College kids swear by grey goose but imo the diff is night and day.

As for the pole, belvedere has the better bottle

Defrag   Poland. Oct 09 2011 17:32. Posts 4596

I like Belvedere more, thou its double the prize so I dunno why you are really comparing ;p

Gsr_01_integ   United States. Oct 09 2011 18:08. Posts 826

ciroc is better than both of those

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. Oct 09 2011 22:37. Posts 14026

vodka has no taste, so pick whichever one you want because you wont be tasting the difference.

iop   Sweden. Oct 10 2011 10:23. Posts 4943

Try this vodka,

by far the smoothest I've ever had. A bottle at our liquor store is about $110, so it's kind of expensive. But if you enjoy vodka, you have to try it.

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BangYu   United States. Oct 10 2011 12:15. Posts 251

  On October 09 2011 16:32 Defrag wrote:
I like Belvedere more, thou its double the prize so I dunno why you are really comparing ;p

Both same price here. Grey goose barely has any smell, which is why i like it. Both are smooth./ w/e

Critterer   United Kingdom. Oct 10 2011 14:06. Posts 5337

yea dunno where u going that belvedere is double the price of goose...

sometimes its marginally more expensive but ive never seen double!

and i prefer grey goose anyway, im honestly not sure why, probably just been brainwashed by marketing.

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Sanai   United States. Oct 10 2011 15:01. Posts 643

Drank a lot of this in Mongolia when I was in the Peace Corps. Best vodka I've ever had and I've had almost all of the ones listed so far in this thread. Costs $10 USD for black label and $20 for gold (yeah, third world prices =) but might be more if imported.

k4ir0s   Canada. Oct 10 2011 19:33. Posts 3335

  On October 09 2011 21:37 byrnesam wrote:
vodka has no taste, so pick whichever one you want because you wont be tasting the difference.

yup, expensive vodka is for pretentious snobs imo. most people don't drink vodka for the taste -_-


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RiKD    United States. Oct 10 2011 23:58. Posts 4526

i have been known to enjoy a nice wine or cognacscotchbrandywhiskeyetc but i'm w/e on vodka. some finnish ppl turned me on to some of their concoctions which i feel is how you should drink vodka. most ppl drink vodka w/ a mixer so there is basically no difference between goose, belvedere, stoli, smirnoff, w/e. due to pop culture, good marketing, and by now a bit of nostalgia i have the belief that goose gets the gals loose meaningfully better than other options so i guess that's my final answer.

Svenman87   United States. Oct 11 2011 20:16. Posts 4636

That list pretty much sums it up, although I would put Belvedere 3rd, Stoli 4th, and then Absolut 5th, followed by Goose in 6th.

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