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DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. Jun 15 2011 23:14. Posts 849
hey guys,

might be a good idea to start a sports/games (betting) section for the site. it's baseball season now and in the coming months the english premiere league, la liga... etc... and by september it's nfl and then nba and nhl on october.

just a request to put something new for liquidpoker. pretty sure most people here bet on e-sports too.


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Arirang   Canada. Jun 15 2011 23:49. Posts 1673

It's more difficult than it sounds if a site is to manage sports betting. A lot of regulations and shit I'm sure.

DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. Jun 16 2011 00:20. Posts 849

?? not talking about an actual sports betting site.

just a place in the site to discuss sports like what they have at teamliquid.

PuertoRican   United States. Jun 16 2011 00:20. Posts 12359

I'm wondering what the status is on the new website look that all of us contributed awhile back when there was a poll.

We definitely need a betting section. I don't follow the common sports, so my vote is for an MMA betting section.


DVO means having a betting section called Liquibet, a mixture of Liquid + bet.

The Liquibet feature makes it much easier for side bets.

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DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. Jun 16 2011 00:23. Posts 849

^ yeah... mma thread together with nba and nhl thread will hopefully be in that section. we can discuss our picks... the odds and handicaps... etc...

pretty sure a lot of you follow european football, nfl ...etc...

would be awesome if this could happen.

DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. Jun 16 2011 00:26. Posts 849

if LP could attract enough good sports bettors, maybe it could widen LP's user base...?

devon06atX   Canada. Jun 16 2011 04:01. Posts 5428

  On June 15 2011 23:20 PuertoRican wrote:
I'm wondering what the status is on the new website look that all of us contributed awhile back when there was a poll.

LsDDeaD   Bulgaria. Jun 16 2011 04:18. Posts 165

Yes, until it's Liquid Poker and not Liquid Bet or something I think General thread section is good enough.

cariadon   Estonia. Jun 16 2011 07:16. Posts 4014

sportsbetting for tennis aswell, Wimbledon coming up
It would be fun for LP points and even better with money involved !

Puosu   . Jun 16 2011 08:14. Posts 28

A separate section would make a ton of sense if the general section gets overflooded by sports related threads in the near future. I for one would prefer not to have my view obstructed by a football thread when I am after the rofl thread/news related/whatever. I think creating a TL-esque liquibet might be taking it a step too far though, as I would imagine it would be more work than is worth it - it really ain't a sportsbetting site.

dUUd_   Estonia. Jun 16 2011 08:26. Posts 1840

yea general topic for betting on all kind of sports (good picks in some small sports/teams that are unknown but have good odds/hc to bet on)
discussion and ideas is what we need

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