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Advant1   Canada. Mar 18 2011 15:22. Posts 20
Yep. Busted. Was on mad tilt and couldnt get out of it. I should have jusht X'd the damn thing but I was an idiot. Oh well, time to start again. Grind grind grind. I havent been around poker the past month so Im getting back to it again. Studying, basic strats, calculations etc. Still feeling things out.

Im def not natural with calculating odds tho =( should i just sit down at one table and focus practicing with just that one table? Or unpack a deck of cards and give myself random scenarios etc?
Very different pending on how many players are still in vs heads up. Which confuses me.

Also. On another note. . . Must pay off debts. D:
Bboy Competition tmrw. Fcking 2hr travel time there. Training tonight 5hours, hope im not sore as shit tmrw. Def not feeling my team as its not my own crew. Guess Ill just wing it.

Posting from my mobile. Thx god for free school wireless.
Otherwise. Hella broke. So sick of this. Everything is great except financially. Damn $ problems. Jobs are hard to get hired, esp cause i dont want to work shitty fast food kind of jobs. Retail and waiting tavles and shit like that is fine. . . Just no McDonalds sht plz. .

This while post makes me sound like Im tilting hard at LIFE. haha

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Beginner in training! Tips and advice greatly appreciated 

thumbz555   United States. Mar 18 2011 15:45. Posts 3281

deposit $20 March 18th, Busto March 18th..

I click buttons. 

Exhilarate   United States. Mar 18 2011 16:09. Posts 5453

what ever happened to getting a degree and working, and playing poker on the side?

Arirang   Canada. Mar 18 2011 18:26. Posts 1673

Eh, don't worry about it. Even the greatest go broke. I remember depositing like $50 and going broke at NL2 when I first started. Which is a daunting achievement looking back. And if money is what you need, you should get any job that pays. Even Jungleman (who's rolling in millions) had worked at McDonald's three years back to build bankroll.

Micros suck because it's micros. Don't get anxious and just grind. As far as math goes for use pokerstove. Most of its math (like knowing your equity in certain spots) will come as you play more.

Advant1   Canada. Mar 18 2011 23:12. Posts 20

I haven't re-deposited yet

Oh yeah, for sure I'm just playing on the side, it's not like I'm playing to get my life's money worth just out of poker lol

Beginner in training! Tips and advice greatly appreciated 


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