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Stars here I come

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SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 14 2011 09:10. Posts 6292
January 5th I deposited 915 on FTP. With bonus and the rakeback I received today, the roll is now:

Also got 140 on MB in rakeback from last month's ipoker play. Now I'm gonna put everything on Stars (trying to achieve 200k VPP for the year). I'm thinking about either playing NL50 to get used to "new" software, or jump to NL100 directly. What do you think? (Roll is ~3040)

Weekend now and I wish I had the time to play more, but it's hard to say no to the delicious bottle. Anyway, couple of months ago I thought about making a video, but since I have been playing so bad it would probably be very un-educational for all of you that would have been interested. I'm gonna wait a while now while rebuilding my roll and If my good run continues then I promise to show my spewtastic game =)

GL all

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dUUd_   Estonia. Jan 14 2011 09:28. Posts 1840

stay in FTP and win $$

redsnuff: bets all in with bad preflop hand and tell me to learn poker redsnuff: senceless 

SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 14 2011 09:36. Posts 6292

thought about it, FTP have been good to me.

but I've decided to make a run for SuperNova (~ 200k VPP is according to FPPpro around 37% rb) and force me to put the volume in there.

k4ir0s   Canada. Jan 14 2011 10:18. Posts 3460

stars ftw

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -Oly 

Arirang   Canada. Jan 14 2011 11:10. Posts 1673

This is also something that I often wonder. To me, FTP seems softer than Stars in general. +30% plrs/flop tables are like everywhere in FTP whereas in Stars, it's very tough to find. So, better rakeback (which you have to put in the volume, and earn), versus softer field of players.

SpasticInk   Sweden. Jan 14 2011 12:11. Posts 6292

Is it really that different?

Guess I have to find out =)

YoMeR   United States. Jan 14 2011 14:52. Posts 12425

just grind mad ftp for close to 40% rakeback after all bonuses imo.

you don't want lee jones sticking it in you day after day imo.

eZ Life. 

mnj   United States. Jan 15 2011 12:00. Posts 3848

cause howard lederer is so much gentler?


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