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Terrible @ Live

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SaturdayZerg   Canada. Nov 14 2010 18:55. Posts 72
I am terrible at live poker. Played about 500 hands over 6 months and down $700 at 1-2NL


Second orbit at table. Saw villain min-raise once with a draw. Has monster stack for 1-2
I just doubled up the previous hand AIPF AA vs QQ

Hero UTG+3 $400
Villain UTG+2 $1400

Dealt AdQs

UTG+2 limps $2
Hero raise to $20.
Hijack calls
UTG+2 calls

Flop ($63)

Qc 2h 3d

UTG+2 check
Bet $50
Hijack folds
UTG+2 calls

Turn ($163)

UTG+2 check blind


Bet $100
UTG+2 calls

River ($363)


UTG+2 shoves $230

Hero ???

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 Last edit: 14/11/2010 19:27

tloapc   Pitcairn. Nov 14 2010 19:36. Posts 2591

with the information u gave (or rather didn't give) I'd fold many more times than not

The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action. 

asdf2000   United States. Nov 14 2010 20:06. Posts 7472

umm i would call because ur calling 230 and the pot is 600

so he may have backdoored a flush, so what

Grindin so hard, Im smashin pussies left and right. 

ahole-surprise   United States. Nov 14 2010 20:07. Posts 78

What kind of range are you putting him on?
You make him sound like a tight but competent player. Would he limp and then call your big raise with something like 22, 33, 4-5 Hearts?
He could also have 7-7. Maybe he limped with QQ? A-3 is a distinct possibility. I doubt he made two pair with the board, there's no likely hand he's calling 18 raise PF that matches (Q-3, 3-2, 3-7 are all retarded).

What do you beat? Not much except stone cold bluff. I doubt he'd play that aggressive with KQ, QJ, or even call PF with those. I really doubt he has something like 66 and decided to shove you on the river with a hand like that.
Then again, you had just gotten to the table. Maybe he put you on exactly AQ, and thought the river was a double scare card for you. Maybe since you're a new live player you have tells.

If I had to choose one hand, I'd say pocket 7s, especially with how he played turn and river.

that's my noob analysis, i'm actually interested in what people think of it. I'm trying to learn poker.

 Last edit: 14/11/2010 20:18

NewbSaibot   United States. Nov 14 2010 20:46. Posts 4837

Just consulted my NL2 expert, and she says snap call because fuck him, thats why. If he has a boat then oh well. Basically these players are so fucking stupid they'll set "traps" with KQ and TT+. I'm inclined to agree. Just give live players no respect whatsoever.

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - ZalforLast edit: 14/11/2010 20:46

drone666   Brasil. Nov 14 2010 23:14. Posts 1730

I think this line is pretty much always value from weak players that realize that don't have position on the river and don't want to lose value
so they lead shove with teh nuts...
I'm always folding here vs unkown live player

Dont listen to anything I say 

superfashion   United States. Nov 16 2010 17:54. Posts 918

fold every time unless you've gotten a read that the villain is at all competent...which not many random live players are

shoving here as a bluff at 50NL is like explaning calcalus to a 6 month old cat wtf are you thinking - TalentedTom 

CT_rider   United States. Sep 19 2011 23:49. Posts 134

Calling all day and being happy about it...sets and bd draws are there and if so im not too upset about it
definantely left out alot of info tho...these kinda spots just go with your read, live tells, does he look nervous, he shove fast, staring you down, young asian kid? noticing these kind of things will help with your game dramatically.

you think this player could do this with 45? A4 A5

also obv curious about results??

egood   United States. Sep 20 2011 01:56. Posts 1883

Need more info but it's probably a fold. Live def plays different then online. People generally never ever bluff, and as such almost everyone either plays weak-tight or loose-passive. Also, although it'll sound stupid you should be pot controlling more and especially cause you're deep with villain. Villain could easily have Qx of hearts here and decide to bet his flush on the river. He's not necessarily thinking you'll check behind just "I have a flush, I'm going to bet it". I see this mentality a lot.

Bottom line is, theres really nothing here you beat. He's not doing this with a worse queen and he's not pulling some elaborate bluff. He might even have a hand like KK/AA here. That's how bad these guys are.

 Last edit: 20/09/2011 01:57

SaturdayZerg   Canada. Sep 26 2011 18:43. Posts 72

Villain was a 20-something caucasian and had KQ of hearts

It was one of my first few sessions at the casino and I would definitely fold in this spot now. Villain asked for a count on the turn and took ages to call


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