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18hr session

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Babs   Australia. Jul 09 2010 22:28. Posts 1178
Came home from work and decided to have a huge session with my mate:

awake 30hrs now

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JSquids   United States. Jul 09 2010 22:57. Posts 1142

if i ran like that id never sleep either

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. Jul 09 2010 23:20. Posts 5645

wut, you're hyper-aggro how does your redline go down.

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Jul 09 2010 23:26. Posts 5068

You ain't got shit on Phil Laak

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whamm!   Albania. Jul 10 2010 00:09. Posts 11625

wow fpps lol

phexac   United States. Jul 10 2010 00:26. Posts 2563

  On July 09 2010 21:57 JSquids wrote:
if i ran like that id never sleep either

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dandydolly   Australia. Jul 10 2010 00:30. Posts 50


mnj   United States. Jul 10 2010 01:13. Posts 3848

awesome job that's pretty sick!

YoMeR   United States. Jul 10 2010 01:27. Posts 12435

lol monster session. From what I can tell you're actually running above your all in EV line?

props tho, i've never been able to session for more than 8 hrs in my life before going on life tilt.

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sTrAtO   Mexico. Jul 10 2010 04:24. Posts 5882

sick session

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