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FTP to paypal

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Night[Mare]   Mexico. Dec 26 2009 12:51. Posts 599
edit: done

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dcsscd hijo de pinosLast edit: 26/12/2009 15:20

mikeymoo   Canada. Dec 26 2009 13:58. Posts 988

Yeah I think I can do this for you.
Sending PM in a sec.


Bigbobm   United States. Dec 26 2009 15:18. Posts 5492

Please be careful when doing paypal trades. It is insanely easy to scam with paypal.

Its time to stop thinking like a bitch and think smart like a poker player - ket 

Night[Mare]   Mexico. Dec 26 2009 15:20. Posts 599

thanks bigbobm. I know mikeymoo from tl and already have done a deal with him. Any mod may close this.

dcsscd hijo de pinos 

mikeymoo   Canada. Dec 26 2009 16:07. Posts 988

What's the difference? Is it like a bounced check?



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