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Afterme   Bulgaria. Dec 24 2009 14:13. Posts 23
Well, I was thinking about the approximate possibility to use the live poker habbits in online gaming.There are few bigger spots I would like to mention/and read other people's opinion on these subjects.
One thing I prolly don't understand is why it is so 'fishy' to play 1-2 tables.Maybe I haven'r reach the moment when variance will go against me, but my experience so far shows that when playing less tables, you could take advantage of it going on levels you couldn't afford with current BR.And with deeper reads my win ratio is about 1.5BI per 200-300 hands.I would be happy to read any analysis and thoughts on this subject, cause I really don't see what's is so significant in multitabling except the rake ofcourse.I'm talking mostly about 50-200NL games.I play with 3-4 BI and most of the time it's more than enough for 1-2 tabling.

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terrybunny19240   United States. Dec 24 2009 14:22. Posts 13829

read an article about variance. there are some on this very website

SpeedyJack   United States. Dec 24 2009 14:23. Posts 618

you average 50-75bb/100?


dahornnn   United Kingdom. Dec 24 2009 14:25. Posts 693


Ezekiell   Hungary. Dec 24 2009 14:27. Posts 718

Next blog post will be about staking...

u got someone to call u with second top pair in headsup?  

Afterme   Bulgaria. Dec 24 2009 14:28. Posts 23

Well, my ides is - what makes the wining live game strategy losing in olnine gaming If you stick to the same principles?

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RICHI8   United States. Dec 24 2009 14:41. Posts 1341


genjix   China. Dec 24 2009 14:43. Posts 2677

u gonna bust on 4 bi rule

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Sicks Macks   United States. Dec 24 2009 15:10. Posts 3929

You should probably stick to NL100, most likely on FTP.

Mr. Will Throwit 

longple    Sweden. Dec 24 2009 16:51. Posts 4471

  On December 24 2009 14:10 Sicks Macks wrote:
You should probably stick to NL100, most likely on FTP.

Stars would work fine too imo :-)

NewbSaibot   United States. Dec 24 2009 18:25. Posts 4898

The answer is pretty obvious if you think about it. If you can win 1 buyin per 100 hands as you claim, wouldnt you want to do this at as many tables as possible?

And sure you can play higher limits if you just play 1 table at a time, because it's pretty unlikely you are going to lose 10 BI's in a single session at a single table.

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