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lcd calibration

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jasper5408   United States. Oct 22 2009 14:27. Posts 820
since i'm assuming most of you guys have lcd monitors or laptops i found a nice little built in thing for windows
if you type "dccw" into the search bar or run command u get a nice little calibrator. it helped a little bit (it was noticeable for me) don't expect anything magical.

also for those of you who got game check my last blogpost plz

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Sicks Macks   United States. Oct 22 2009 16:24. Posts 3929

Re: your last blog, if you're both 21, I would get her a nice bottle of wine/liquor (depending on which type of girl she is) with the subtext that you'll have it together now or in the future.

Mr. Will Throwit 

RICHI8   United States. Oct 22 2009 16:28. Posts 1341

Can't respond to your other blog post without reads.

lewy313   Poland. Oct 22 2009 18:33. Posts 115

only in windows 7

DarkDevildog   United States. Oct 22 2009 19:11. Posts 1764

doesn't work with my xp

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jasper5408   United States. Oct 22 2009 22:17. Posts 820

ah, sorry guys. i guess it's a windows 7 feature :/


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