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Neilly you are a fuckin moron

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CirCa   Canada. Aug 08 2009 00:51. Posts 1249
Guy sits at every table (i'm trying to start 50bbs) and takes max time every action... fish start complaining and leave the games

please hurry and busto quick again so i don't have to see u at any more tables


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CrownRoyal   Oman. Aug 08 2009 01:41. Posts 11385

ur a faggot neilly, doing what ur doin


jasper5408   United States. Aug 08 2009 03:23. Posts 820

lolllllllllllllllll (what happened between u guys?)

sorry as a complete bystander i find this absolutely hilarious. if someone did this to me i would blow shit up.

Steal City   United States. Aug 08 2009 04:27. Posts 2537

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egood   United States. Aug 08 2009 09:10. Posts 1883

just doesnt want anyone to get any timing tells on him.

CirCa   Canada. Aug 08 2009 13:03. Posts 1249

no it was just the fact he was playing max # of tables and obviously was slow as hell doing it

i just saw on PTR he finished down 7 BI on the nl200 6max tables so i feel better now


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