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Badflop1   United States. Apr 06 2009 20:29. Posts 1
This guy is a wacko, I must have won $600 from him the other day. On his blog he shows his cards live while he is playing. You can not see his exact cards, but you can tell the color, so you know when he is on a flush draw and does not make it.

Take a look.

I felt so bad after taking his money I made a donation to his site.

He also has some cool pictures of his travels and hands he has played. A real wacko.

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HeRoS)eNGagE   Canada. Apr 06 2009 21:33. Posts 10877

so you just sit to his table and watch his cards?
i dont get it

Shenny   Canada. Apr 06 2009 21:34. Posts 1513

its spam.... its in relation to the blog underneath as well. Just a loser trying to get a couple clicks.

edzwoo   United States. Apr 06 2009 21:41. Posts 5911

+ Show Spoiler +


+ Show Spoiler +


I felt so bad after taking his money I made a donation to his site.


rockman255   Canada. Apr 06 2009 21:52. Posts 4471

ban this smurf idiot imo

rockman255: its not easy being superman U N0 MySteeZ: mega man. rockman255: same thing U N0 MySteeZ: no 

RICHI8   United States. Apr 07 2009 00:06. Posts 1341

Isn't that the same exact hand ed?

edzwoo   United States. Apr 07 2009 01:00. Posts 5911

Look at Seat 3 in the second hand and then look at the creator of this blog.

Badflop1   United States. Apr 07 2009 09:34. Posts 1

So you edited the hand history, made DUG = Badflop1 that makes you a genius. The reason my post is right after life of dug is I saw his post went to the site and watched him play and won 3 big hands from him about 600 bucks. Then I made my post.

Your call if you want to win money against a guy that is showing his cards. I just thought this guy was goofy showing his cards, again it is hard to see them but you can see the colors.

edzwoo   United States. Apr 08 2009 07:00. Posts 5911

LOL no I requested hand history 26126186177 from stars, which anybody can do.


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