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ciachooooo   Vatican City State. Feb 19 2009 10:18. Posts 335
hello everyone

as i wrote in last blog post i decided to play nl100, and actually played 1 table of nl200 when game was really soft (made ~200$)

1) there are much less total fishes, like idk 4 time less, usually there is one 40/10 player and rest are regulars or random tag fish
2) regs are much better, at nl50 i used to just crush those nits, here they play wider ranges, they are not so nitty postflop, make moves, 3bet light etc, actually i don't feel like i have enough edge at them to beat the rake, except for some of them
3) i run bad, but it is small sample, hope i will have decent winrate after xxk of hands (like 3-4ptbb/100)
4) i have problems with very common spots, i think i have to improve my game so much, at nl50 i could have played bad and still crush it, but now i see how many leaks do i have

some hands:
1) + Show Spoiler +

27/18/3.7 on turn it looked for me like a blocking bet from at+, maybe a9s, but the point is i put him on big ace, i don't think he would have played 87hh or 2p like that, he would have bet bigger, and probably lead or ch/r flop ----> he has an ace
with that thoughts is it obv raise? i planned to call turn and bet small like 40% river to get value
on river by betting 3/4 pot after he bets 1/2 pot on turn it looks like he has aj right?
anyone folds here?
result + Show Spoiler +

2) + Show Spoiler +

raiser was 26/10 over small sample, BOUBLI was 25/21, fold to 3bet 2/2 at that moment, 4beting here looks superstrong, i would do it with ak,qq+, jj will depand on timing reads, would you prefer flating here not being result oriented? i thought i dont like playing aa oop in 3 way pot, when or had odds to call for set value, so i 4bet hoping boubli plays for stacks with ak,qq,kk

3) + Show Spoiler +

34/25/3 fold to 3bet 75%
what do you think about my line? as i remember at the moment when hand was played he either had lower fold to 3bet% or was pissed by me 3beting him all the time, because i remember i gave him wide pf calling range
is it clear fold now? i beat like queens, ak, aj but i don't think he is ever betting them, i think he would like to go to showdown with them, but this might be only me

+ Show Spoiler +

4) + Show Spoiler +

random fish like 40/0 after 15 hands
should i give him credit for one of two kings left?
should i bet/fold flop?

5) + Show Spoiler +

standard play vs short with 100%fold to cbet %?
2 overs, backdoor fd, and nice odds
or someone checks behind flop? or bet like 5 and fold to any raise?

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The room is so quiet you can hear Stanko saying to himself, I am the best player. 

ciachooooo   Vatican City State. Feb 19 2009 13:07. Posts 335

should i post tits to get any response?

The room is so quiet you can hear Stanko saying to himself, I am the best player. 

palak   United States. Feb 19 2009 13:54. Posts 4601

hand 1 fine w/ read...u can never fold river...its more between do u shove or call, not whether u call or fold.

hand 2 need reads on how they react to 4bets in order to say anything good and how much they 3bet...if they both fold to 4bets/3bets with a high frequency (80%+) i much prefer just calling w/ strong hands and 4bettin w/ air...but w/o specific reads on them then just 4bet and hope someone has kings

hand 3 ur both 150bb deep so 3bet to 15-18 next time....otherwise bet/fold turn if called then fold to large riverbet and call smallish one, obv check back seems good.

hand 4 either shove flop or fold flop, calling is pointless when you know he is just shoving 100% of turns...he's a random fish so prob fold flop and just wait til u get top pair and then stack him imo

hand 5 check back flop

dont tap the about ready to take a fucking hammer to the aquarium 

DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Feb 19 2009 14:06. Posts 8623

1. flat most of the time, shove vs retards
2. 4bet a bit less if you want to
3. I'd bet/call turn
4. call, if you bet flop you're never ever getting away vs a shortie.
5. check or bet/fold.

DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Feb 19 2009 14:08. Posts 8623

  On February 19 2009 12:07 ciachooooo wrote:
should i post tits to get any response?

Only if quality tits. It's not worth it to have my sister walking in on me looking at tits unless they're really nice.

ciachooooo   Vatican City State. Feb 19 2009 16:02. Posts 335

ok, thx for answers, next note will be with nice tits, promise

and about hand one maybe it was also timing tells, but i was almost sure he hit his second pair on river, while turn was obv blocking bet, river vbet

The room is so quiet you can hear Stanko saying to himself, I am the best player.Last edit: 19/02/2009 16:04


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