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Went Busto First Time in 6 Years plz read

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RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 01:15. Posts 16
I was told I should make a blog from another forum so here it is.
Hello Guys,
Well my friend lipton told me about this site said a bunch of SC players are here. Some of you may remember thought I doubt it. I was top 10 in season 1, 2 and 3 ( i could have been like 11th in one of them my nickname was Arkons and someone has been using it on this forum it appears because I cannot make the name.

Anyways I will come out with it, I have been playing poker for 6 years and I went busto yesterday. I will tell the truth, I actually drunkily made a sportsbet for get this.... my entire bankroll, I actually thought that it was a for sure bet and there is no way id lose. I keep my roll at 5k and play 1-2 and 2-4 multi tabling. I have never had money issues but I did not put any money aside for rent or anything, before you flame me ill be the first to say im a stupid moron.

I know its a long shot but I really need help, I need someone to stake me on their terms, I have just moved in a new apartment in dallas i was in houston and I cant even pay rent. I am a consistent winner from 4-6bb/hr in both 1-2 and 2-4 while 4-6 tabling.

I am hoping someone is kind enough to help me and stake me, I have never asked for money from anyone in my life I have always had an overabundance and made many loans over the years. All my poker friends (supposed friends) wont lift a finger to help me which is very sad to me they know i am a winner and the highest limit player drives an aston martin he paid cash for and has several hundred thousand.

I wont ramble on I will just say I need help. I dont even have money for anything even food this is no joke I pray someone can help me i will be so grateful and careful and play on your terms. I have a party account my friend made for me from uk a ftp account and a playersonly account(cake). Thanks for the consideration I know its a long shot and I hope this is the right forum. I will be up all night because I cannot sleep im so stressed I have a daughter and I cant get a job let alone a paycheck for food and rent. I should be able to pay the stake back in 2 weeks or less and I will continue to play if youd like. I am a winner please trust in this(except sports betting i learned my lesson)

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Jubert69   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:20. Posts 3191

You should post graphs, and who can vouch you for your credibility.

If you really have no food n such, you should get a temporary job and deposit again at microstakes. This can be the most frustrating thing in the world, as I am broke as well(luckily I live with my parents still, I'm only 19), but hopefully this is a life lesson we can both learn from.

Sicks Macks   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:22. Posts 3929

What was the bet?

Mr. Will Throwit 

Sath   Canada. Jan 25 2009 01:23. Posts 308

did u bet against fedor?

RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 01:23. Posts 16

thanks for the advice subaru it just seems retro active to play micro but i will if I have to, ive tried before and its such a strange game to me. im 25 and seasoned, my parents dont loan me money so I cant even play micro now, they told me a long time ago I was on my own. I cant wait for the paycheck or spend the days or weeks to look for a job so hopefully someone can stake me, honestly someone would make money if they staked me, i didnt go busto from poker

acdawg712   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:26. Posts 2639

post graphs for sure, request hh from whatever site u played at and put it into PT or HEM, or have possible stakers do it.

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NeillyJQ   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:29. Posts 8947

arkons, you can't disapear for 9 years, come back and ask for a stake for 5 grand, its just not gonna happen

If you post graphs of you winning over a large sample size (100k+ hands at your limit), then I am sure you could get in contact with a midlimit / highstakes player who could/would help you out, but the fact of the matter is, most of us don't know/remember you, and a player just scammed one of LP members like 2 months ago for 3.5k and he got like 2k off someone else, so you will definately need graphs or something to prove you are the player you say you are.

If this is a true story though, I wish you the best of luck getting you shit back together, most of us have went bust from time to time (in the past I used to do it alot), my reccomendation is to not sit there and wait for some stake that you probably won't get. Just find a way to get a bill or two and put it on your site and run it up. If your the winner you say you are, even sell your stereo or something for the sake of it, or go work at MCeeeeDeeeeeees for a week and deposit.

good luck gettin your shit straight,
Ryan (NeillyAA)

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 

Python817   Canada. Jan 25 2009 01:32. Posts 2733

ya sure man the "I have a daughter" part got me tell me your stars account and I'll ship you 6k asap

RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 01:40. Posts 16

thanks for advice neily, like i said i just moved to dallas i dont even have the money for a moving truck right now , i know its prolly futile but i have to make an attempt to get help. i been playing on a laptop in my new place i havent kept graphs for a long time but i do have some from a couple years ago that show me playing about 8/hr over 20-30k but that was on paradise poker. and python if u are the python from sc we were friends and we met at i2e2 where i took third and u won. i also can link u to my myspace that has photos of me and my daughter. im trying to sell my bmw now, if anyone aroind dallas is interested its a 2001 bmw 330 ci theres a photo on myspace, the main photo of me is in my lexus sc430 which i sold. I am honestly telling the truth i do have people that can vouch for me and ill do anything i need to to prove it, i am not asking for 5k i am asking for help however it may come, im not set on getting help from someone but its possible and i believe some people are in the position to help.

Trainspotting   Canada. Jan 25 2009 01:40. Posts 68

  On January 25 2009 00:32 Python817 wrote:
ya sure man the "I have a daughter" part got me tell me your stars account and I'll ship you 6k asap

screw you python, i want to take pity first!

tell me your stars id, and i'll ship over $7k. for real

Cards are war, in disguise of a sport. 

SugoGosu   Korea (South). Jan 25 2009 01:41. Posts 1793

  On January 25 2009 00:15 RealArkons wrote:
I was top 10 in season 1, 2 and 3 ( i could have been like 11th in one of them my nickname was Arkons and someone has been using it on this forum it appears because I cannot make the name.

season of what ladder?

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Uptown   . Jan 25 2009 01:43. Posts 3557

I'm guessing bnet ladder

Half Pot! 

RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 01:54. Posts 16

plz stop ridiculing me train. you were insinuating i dont have a daughter ill upload photos anything i just mention her because shes on my mind.
btw it was battle.nbet theres also some reports of me on that says my wins that were outside of also.

dont know if i mentiond this i will put my bmw title against a stake, im trying to sell it, its a 2001 bmw 33ci all options, manual

Maynard!   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:57. Posts 4453

You need to post graphs or proof of winning first.There is almost 0 sympathy for a busto poker player.

Also, it is almost impossible for someone to want to loan someone with a BMW money. Most of the successful players here don't even own cars half as expensive as the two cars you've owned.

You're in a tough spot man.

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP. 

Maynard!   United States. Jan 25 2009 01:57. Posts 4453

Also, that isn't the Python you know. Its another dude.

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP. 

RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 02:04. Posts 16

hey maynard long time no see, last time we met i was like 15(10 years ago) at a tourny where i was getting beat really bad in the finals of a quake tourny and i turned around blatanly knowing i lost to look at the big screen, and they disqualified me from both that and the sc tourny when i needed to play dudey for the championship in sc.

maynard i have a 2001 bmw worth about 12k and a had a used lexus why is that so horrible if anything it shows i am a successful player why is everyone so negative it seems like people just want to negate anyone who might be willing to help for any reason they can find i give up, you never liked me anyways so i see why
i can get my graphs in houston but even if i do im sure ill get some negative posts like THATS NOT YOU or you must have stolen someone elses or thats photoshopped, so far this is almost as bad as some of the posts i see on 2p2

yes someone said that i will drive to houston to get my old poker tracker stats on the computer i gave to my dad a couple years back, i dont keep any stats or even have poker tracker or ace dled though i paid for them

sniderstyle   United States. Jan 25 2009 02:30. Posts 2046

no sympathy for retards/scammers, sorry buy in on your own and regrind like we all did.

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RealArkons   . Jan 25 2009 02:39. Posts 16

ok, im a retard and im a scammer? makes perfect sense ill just shutup til i get my graphs which will be prolly too late, ill make the 4 hour drive run out of gas in the middle of the road, my cc is negative 300 due to overdraftts i cant even buy in for any amount which i would have done already, i cant even grind up 200 dollars i could most likely make it with that but i give up on the entire human race, friends who i talk to all the time for years dont help who i would have helped in a heartbeat why should anyone that doesnt know me or used to know me. forget it im gonna go sell my car to car max for half what its worth monday they might give me 4k even though i bought it 6 months ago for 15k, then i can buy a 1983 honda so maynard can sleep at night knowing his car is now better than mine

Trainspotting   Canada. Jan 25 2009 02:41. Posts 68

anyone got a violin?

Cards are war, in disguise of a sport. 

whamm!   Albania. Jan 25 2009 02:47. Posts 11625

  On January 25 2009 01:41 Trainspotting wrote:
anyone got a violin?


i feel that youtube link is in order!


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