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July 5

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The72o   Zimbabwe. Jul 05 2008 12:29. Posts 6112
So in July I played:
49 hands @ NL300 winning 32$
1766 hands @ NL200 winning 839$

HEM take NL200$ and NL200E together, but so far I played only on $ tables.


Now time for some hands!

Something I haven't seen in few months, multiway allin pf!
Even sicker I hold up
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This hand is even funnier, opener is a good reg and caller is a 17/12 nit or sth, so I squeeze, being called by the nit.
I put him on mPP now or high SC, so I take a stab at it, he calls. A on turn is perfect card for me so I just shove my shit in and he mambo jumbo instant call. no suckout now!
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Standard twopair vs set
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Again panzergus a pf total monkey, he call with everyshit he can have. so i doublebarell him for value, and shove river for his value of 2 outer xD
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This hand I butchered hard, Villian is a 15/12 nit, so he's SB calling range is obv. After he bet pot on turn, I raise and he reraise my instant reaction was set of freaking 4's, but obv it's me so I tanked the shit out and started to put him on hands that I beat (that was hard, took me like 30 seconds and after doing it I shoved). This is even worse, because he TANKED (yes, against monkey like me) and almost folded saying "hehhhh, SET OVER SET!!!;//////"
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This one is actually an interesting one. Villian is a good reg, we 3bet each other a lot (he 3betted like 3 my UTG opens at this table in a row and i folded everytime). Most of our hands go like this - raise, 3bet, fold or raise,3bet,call;check,bet,fold etc. It's first time I 4bet him. But he call it (so im 90% sure he don't have AK).
Board comes really low 5s2d4h and i Bet out 65 into ~100 i think and he calls, turn is an 8 and i shove 95$ into 240$ pot.
I think that I really screwed it up here. Much better option would be c/shove flop trying to represent AK/AQ or sth. And maybe get call from worse PP or what would be cool just a fold.
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Don't have time right now to write more, because my sis is getting a party in an hour or so.
GL @ tables

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