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Stop <4outting me; Where the fishies at?

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franchise   United States. May 18 2008 02:08. Posts 25
I had a great idea for this month: see after I moved out of my crib at school I'd move this badboy (not that actual one but one just like it):

over to my Mom's house in rural bumfuck, where she just moved. Since I know nobody in this backward redneck community I planned to just kick it and play some online poker in my ample free time, make like 100k, and cash it out right before I head to Vegas so I'd have some extra ballin money.

Well my foolproof idea has gone to shit because nobody will play me (except Genius28 et all) so basically I spend 6 hours doing nothing except occasionally interrupted by a gentleman shortstacker who will proceed to pull miracles straight out the ass and rally 20bb into 80, then leave. Now, lets remember that once infinite moneypool online has dried up ever since the whole -300k present to Present, cashouts (gotta pay the bills imo), a certain disasterpiece of a cash game stake, and me brilliantly moving a dece chunk of $$ onto the wasteland that is Cake Poker. So now I'm left with alot of money on a site that will take approx 3 months to cut me a check, and my money on FTP is being taken 3k at a time by gays. So I've basically racked up 11 straight losing days while playing approx 30hands/day.
What's a playa ta do??
I had the brilliant idea to cashout all my $$ online so I could spend my entire days from after WSOP on for the rest of summer not playing poker and doing something like travel and all that stuff. Might be a possibility if I keep this up. This is the first time I've felt poker wasn't fun anymore.
Heaters for all,

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. May 18 2008 02:24. Posts 14026


get a new screen name imo

lachlan   Australia. May 18 2008 03:02. Posts 6991

yeah get ur brother or sister to create an account and just hijack it

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andrewcbr   Czech Republic. May 18 2008 04:22. Posts 373

  On May 18 2008 01:24 byrnesam wrote:

get a new screen name imo

short term solution, but better then nothing I guess

Kapol   Poland. May 18 2008 04:33. Posts 4696

play 5/10 - 25/50

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pazzini   Poland. May 18 2008 04:56. Posts 44

open up a school, start staking young guns and within 2 years u gonna be a multimilionaire


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