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The72o   Zimbabwe. Mar 31 2008 12:13. Posts 6112
So I decided to reactivate my old blog.
The main reason for this is that when I used to updated it I played a decent amount (yay), actually I played a lot more than now (not yay). Also I'm trying myself in the game of headsup and I want to play it at least for April.
My plan is to throw a few hands after every session, especially the ones where I had a problem deciding what to do or I find interesting in some way, so you guys could flame me ;>
Tomorrow will be the first update, I will start on NL200 and see how it goes from there.

GL HF yo

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frenchylucky   Finland. Mar 31 2008 12:51. Posts 1788

I was playing poker with tarot cards the other night. I got a full house and four people died. WTF...welcome to finland... 


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