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Boon Brunson   United States. Jan 16 2008 18:55. Posts 5
9yroldgenius on stars

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SugoGosu   Korea (South). Jan 16 2008 19:03. Posts 1793

GL on hitting $500. in 1 week. It's gonna be tough

Say this outloud! Why was six afraid of seven?......Because Seven Eight Nine 

Boon Brunson   United States. Jan 16 2008 19:19. Posts 5

thanks man, I have ran up 50$ into 2500 within like 2 weeks using this same method that I am going to this time. I usually will play at least 8 hours each day for the whole week. nlhe cash games and head up. I wish you luck too man, watch me on stars, 9yroldgenius, lol. laterz

2Vi3T_B0Y4   Canada. Jan 16 2008 19:46. Posts 927

GL Sir.

Boon Brunson   United States. Jan 16 2008 19:58. Posts 5

TY, sir.


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