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Day 2 @ nl25

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decafchicken   . Jan 04 2008 15:46. Posts 536
The good run ends:

Those 5 straight drops are as follows (all-in, most pf)
AA vs 68o
KK vs 55
AK vs QQ
AA vs KJo
and my personal favorite: 77 on 8A7AT board vs A8
There's also a QQ losing to 68s in there too when i was shortstacked.

Gonna go play some nl2 on PS now -_-;

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ggplz   Sweden. Jan 04 2008 15:47. Posts 16784

do [/img]

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 

Venrae   United States. Jan 04 2008 15:48. Posts 1545


Learn to appreciate the value of the dollar. The rest is easy. (Hurricane @ TL) 

Python817   Canada. Jan 04 2008 15:53. Posts 2733

that sucks kinda happen to me earlier but I just played 3k more hands and smashed

21drful   United States. Jan 04 2008 15:53. Posts 400


Fuck the bullshit 

decafchicken   . Jan 04 2008 16:27. Posts 536

played quick session at nl5, was doing really well till AJ vs AK T_T; still a good session


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