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baxteru   Romania. Aug 20 2007 08:36. Posts 567
I've been playing poker for almost 2 years and i consider myself hopeless about it. Until a couple of months ago i was mainly playing cash games with a very marginal winning rate. Now i'm playing tourneys and from time to time cash games bouth on Poker Stars and Party Poker (I did made an account on PP where i have a tiny bankroll).
Playing tourneys is/was hopeless too. Now i'm concentrating on 1 table SNGs where i manage to make a 16% Av. ROI. Thinking about how it goes i can say that they have the potential to be quite a ***** gold mine for me. We'll see.
I wish you luck. Bye.

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PplusAD   Germany. Aug 20 2007 11:05. Posts 7176

1 table Turbo SNG are a luckbox festival

the skill invovled is very very marginal

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz)Last edit: 20/08/2007 11:06


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