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Day 65

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The72o   Zimbabwe. Mar 09 2007 12:12. Posts 6112
Stakes: NL100
Hands: 435
Amount Won: 313.45 - actually it's more like 350, but i closed tables in middle of hands.
PTbb/100: 35.86
Hours: 0.95
MT: 5.00

KK vs AA preflop, KK vs set (vs total idiot, who minraise me in everyhand), like 50 missed cbet.
Result - back to NL50

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MilZo   France. Mar 09 2007 17:59. Posts 1333

Ouch, sry bro.

Just remember all your winning sessions, don't let this affect you, happens to everyone. gl.

S1KLYF, this is the profession we chose 

The72o   Zimbabwe. Mar 10 2007 01:39. Posts 6112

thanks for your kind words

my plan now is to build up my roll to 3.5k before trying NL100 again and after that use 35/30 (move up/move down) BM.
i think that even tho i play pretty good for this stakes (but not super-great or sth) i still have problems with handling bigger lossing sessions (esp. after february ) and it really can affect my play. I don't tilt open too much- i don't smash potbutton or sth, but i can feel my agression (as a person, not in game) is raising and raising and after sometime it can just explode: bad calls, trying to make plays on nonplayable players etc.

but well,
time will tell


A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living 

def_jammer   Germany. Mar 10 2007 20:16. Posts 1227

i had the same probs on nl100 keep it going if you are beating nl50 you will be beating nl100 somehow as well


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