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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 21 2024 07:48. Posts 15163
TPGK river after you check called flop vs small bet? Pop in overbets if you missed.
E.G. AJ on AQ4s, you call a cbet, turn gets checked
=> 150% overbet river, you have a lot of missed hands there due to offsuit combos.

BvB KT on K72TQr
- You can overbet river wide after betting flop and turn.
- 3 Barrel a lot, overbet river, put even weak Kx into a tough spot

Top pair SRP
- Someone donked pot into you? He is polarized. Check TP back on turn, snap vs river bets. even KQ K79s
UTG/MP When you flop TP vs blinds
- on e.g. J95s, consider checking back TJ
- the ranges are tight
- hard to get 3 streets

Solver: bet BIG on the flop. If you do cbet small, then overbet further. You have great range advantage, put value on.

- Fold 99 vxss 2/3 on TQ8 after flatting big iso
- Bluff more bad runouts even after checking back flop
- Bluff more, look for easy chips
- 44COv BU 375s cbet 25%
- 7d8d cbet 50% KT4s with bdfd, great backdoor with 695 + flush
- Bet 44 on KT8s with BDFD MPvB. You cantake it down now, you canbarrel on turn diamonds, 3 barrel some as you unblockfolds.
- CBet ACTs on 7c6c3h after isolating.
- Peel A8 on J77 vs 27% cbet oop, you got backdoors, sdv
- Cbet AQ on TXXs MPvCO 25%, CO can X down worse Ahi, you get option to barrel with backdoors
- CBet AKT with underpairs BUvSB, consider 3 street bluffs
- Fold Q4 on KQ46 vs big bet and bet
- Cbet QXXm IP wider! in position you can go wide here
- Delay cbet QJ 468A, barrel river a lot
- 98 on 2326 vs check - stab BIG, bet BIG
- Delay cbet T8 on 73QJ and barrel most rivers
- Peel A9 with bdfd on TT2r, value backdoors, leave no stone unturned!
- J8 on QJ3Q9 - let it go on the turn and river vs large bets unless he is mental aggro
- KQ on K54 vs shortie - flat vs big cbet, let him spazz
- QT on 93635 4x flush =? stab river with air!
- let go of dominated draws vsturn raises

3Bets EP/MP
-COvUTG after 3bet AJs, just check back J26s. He has just 2 KJs combos you might get 3 streets from. Mix check backs to call/call.
- AK big squeeze, get called by MP: You caan bet shove 2 street sizing AT9r. The range is narrow, you can stack AQ, AJ, not many other hands call down anyways
- 88 AQ8s UTG v MP: It's okay to raise sets when he cbets small here
- BBvs MP, AQ on K52A => Block turn after you 3bet and cbet.
- BB 3B vs our MP KsQs Qdts9s: Flop easy check back in these positions with the backdoor.
- AA on J83s vs raise BB v UTG 3b pot you can click it back when you get raised small by UTG
- AA 4bet MP v UTG 200 BB deep is a 50% cbet when called pre on T73r. You set up stacks better for turn and river.
- AKo after 3bet iso BU v CO: checkback 572r, nothing worse folds, simples. You also don't blockanything, can checkdown vs Ahi
- dont' be afraid to fold weak pairs vs big cbets if the board is good forvillain
- AK3s SBv MP AT: Can purecbet small. J turn => check. River on AK3J3 blockbet or jam river, either vbet vs Jx or put A in a hard spot.
- T64m BBv CO 3bety: BB bets small. Co has PURE CALL OF FOLD. Too much overpair + flush advantage in BB. Tx blocks a lot of CO's flushes relatively.
- 77 is a mix UTG v MP call 3bet when he cbets 2/3 on 984r, fold to barrel.
- Your ego had a false belief he 3bet wide, I got to beel to the turn barrel. It was ego driven, just fold, let him take it, just because the pots are bigger doesn't mean you need to feel more emotional orengage your ego. 3bet or 4bet - it's just odds and ranges, with just shallowed stack topot ratios.

- After check raising use 2/3 or check size on most turns. Even though solvers love to block turns, the strategy gets very complex, 3bets, multi size river etc. Until you figure it out just go for the 2/3 or check turn.
- When you check raise with nut blockers, you either give up turn or 3 barrel. I.e. As7d on 8s4s6sJxKx, got to bet the river with the blocker.
Pete: you just aren't playing the ranges the same way when you have it and whenyou don't. Play them the same, you just have to bluff shove best blockers when you have a lot of nutted hands, no choice there.
- KQ after check raise T9Tr, bet the rag turn, he still has a lot of stuff he can fold, and you still are drawing live vs 9x.
i.e. KQ T9T5 after you CR flop. barrel obvious cards that hit your draws on the river, big 8 6 J, bluff, rest give up.
- Raised flop, improved equity? bet often! did your other obvious deawing hands hit? Good blockers? BLUFF BIG!.
- OK to raise 45 bvb on A76 vs small cbet. If you bet turn you have to follow up on river when your other draws hit. If you don't then check turn call flop
- Dont raise 53 5Q3, check call, be aggro later , cr gutters, A2 46 A4 etc.

A-Game journal
I have music on, lamp on, sit right up, shuffle chips, timer set and have fun!
I think what I am achieving with my ranges. Where I stand relative to my range with my hand. What story is he trying to tell. Who has range advantage, nuts advantage. What will happen on future streers, down the game tree?

- punk rock concert drunk
What it you had just a month for poker? Just give it your best, you'd look back at that month where you gave it your all, succeeded or failed? It wouldn't matter.

First song comes on froma shit band
"I'm trying to push the envelope, I sacrifice much and work hard. I stopped being afraid, I push upwards

I don't appreciate Pete enough, I do have a tendency to keep distance from authority, coaches, father etc. But he's been there for me always. It's like wuth GFs. Maybe it's time to stop, be my own player, go after my own goals, not care what people want, and take people in my life as someone I WANT there, not someone I NEED. Take coching points from crushers as advice, but realize the responsibility is in your corner, take it into your own hands. You get to play, and you want to play, every hand is an opportunity. Time to think about the ranges, instinct, and now if your coach or solver will approve of it, what would they show or tell you afterwards.

Listen to solvers, coaches. Not because you are afraid of playing badly, but because they make YOUR game better, that's all you want. Be your best self with allyour mood swings, people see the best you as your potential. Well that's bullshit, you are not your best self, the real you is the sum of your parts, the middling baseline of your A, B, C game, and you need to accept that. Accept your states, your skill at the top AND bottom, work from both ends.

Makes your states the best you can. In the shit, anxious, fucked? Do a nap, hypnosis, take a walk, swim.
At your best? SMASH! Keep PUSHING AGGRESSIVELY with little pauses. Get hungry you son of a bitch, smash in your highs when it's easy! Made an amazing play? Proud and crushing? Keep the fuck GOING relentlessly, ride that high!

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93% Sure!  

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 30 2024 18:12. Posts 15163

MODERN-DAY 2023 Summer
I failed to write a full notepad
I failed to listen to bullet journalling. I have felt trapped in my ego.

LUCID LIVING - you CAN control the dream that is your reality! Background noise was the universe calling my name. NATURE IS AMAZING.

PARTY! After a long time, my ego got engaged, It was so powerful. I went to reply to big pond, listened to Tolle, and realized my mind had found so many ways to take control.

He is amazing, the salesperson's idol. A positive stand-up comedian. He works on the egoic level. You can get anything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want. Yesterday ended last night, today is a brand new day and it IS YOURS!

You can do everything better with positive thinking than with negative thinking.

Breathe through your nose!

stop thinking, just do things. Right now I jumped into the pond, just swim, do mad stuff! This was summer, you didn't write since!

I went to bryce, tereza wedding, bryce was crying, no ladies were there, went home on the same day . Did a lot of CVVM. I stressed the fuck out of myself, imagining rejections.
It is incredible how my mind is. I can stand in the nature and my mind has these panic states, this total insanity, mad thoughts, storm of them while just standing there. It is fascinating to observe, when I can observe it that is. When I am ONE with it I cannot find the amusement,I become the thoughts, the panic, in place of amusement comes complete DREAD and PANIC.

My back hurt already. Amazing feeling when I don't think. Just doing things, get in, let my subconscious hold the power! My ego loves to chime in => Lady said "if I wanted to, I'd call XYZ and tell my opinion"
=> My ego woke up, rationalising. I AM there as a service to people. Life is a GAME, nothing is readl - have lightness, observe yourself, what is happening, have that present joy. YOu are present, you are kind.

Yesterday was too much. My ego is obsessed with people, how I use them, quotas. The key is see people as people, need them or not!

CHEW YOUR FOOD! Be mindful. When you feel like eating emotionally => Pause, put a hand on your heart and say "I am a good person" and think of an amazing memory.

Disco => be positive, lead by example, pm people that are negative, just tell them, be accountable.

I am in the woods, sitting at a gazebo, TO escape reality of life is why everyone does everything,
- norm MacDonald Memoir

I was well, happiest in Scotland, before I had my PC. Id run, go after girls, Ir was the best 2 months ever. Russel from menprovement figured it out, he was gone from PC.
=> came wo cum, it makes me active and attentive. Streame made me overwhelmed, disco does too. Take time off PC, try 2 weeks without it. Just write , be with people, workout, record footage. Do more of silent time, experience life.

Fitness louka rokytka made me feel power, working out when I saw hot lady slim, big hair, felt energy, worked out harder.

I had hard time not taking 3 bets personal.

93% Sure!  

PuertoRican   United States. Jan 31 2024 04:59. Posts 13059

Lemon, have you been putting your name out there and contacting people to hopefully get another Poker-related job?

Rekrul is a newb 

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 31 2024 22:27. Posts 15163

  On January 31 2024 03:59 PuertoRican wrote:
Lemon, have you been putting your name out there and contacting people to hopefully get another Poker-related job?

Yeah I've been grinding :D now work on getting my socials off the ground

93% Sure!  

PuertoRican   United States. Feb 02 2024 07:47. Posts 13059

  On January 31 2024 21:27 LemOn[5thF] wrote:
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Yeah I've been grinding :D now work on getting my socials off the ground

Rekrul is a newb 


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