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Its been a while

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Zalfor   United States. Jun 04 2022 03:03. Posts 2236
I come back to LP once every few years. It's been a while, almost a decade.

Haven't played poker in forever, I'm definitely a fish now.

Kids, job, career, etc. Although I remember someone trying to do a btc poker site back in 2011, I guess I missed out on that one.

How is everyone doing?

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lostaccount   Canada. Jun 04 2022 10:14. Posts 5367

hi zalfor and loco doesnt think ppl come back to check LP. no hate loco all love bro. buddha style.

oh nice kids, how old are the kids? what is ur career? haha if u brough in 2011 n hodl u probably doesnt need to work

im crazy to hiems but sane in real life.

how about u?

ive been living a pretty humble life, no more luxury in my life now. except i have lots of free time to do what i want as long as it doesn't cost a leg and an arm. was buying nfts n trading crypto but im not doing much now. just waiting for the market to tank more before i get back in i guess.


Loco   Canada. Jun 04 2022 20:02. Posts 20919

I bet Zalfor is really glad he came back so he could see a quality post such as yours as his only reply.

The medium is the message 

lostaccount   Canada. Jun 05 2022 01:06. Posts 5367

u still salty mate? u never admit ur wrong eh but thats okay. i bet hes not mad i reply though

what does 99 say in hockey loco, u a hockey fan? u miss 100% of the shots u dont shoot

just4fun(d)smaybeLast edit: 05/06/2022 01:12


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