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RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 05:01. Posts 6883
To a degree I need to be more concerned about the spirit and the soul versus material and physical things. That is rich coming from someone whose finances could make a grown man cry. I don't necessarily have to be a born again Christian but it is wise to know Christ. Hiring a meditation teacher and meditating all day and reading all day and attempting to follow 15 or 16 or 17 precepts is / was close to insanity. By the way, the cravings and the suffering never disappeared. It's not like Christ or God is going to get me out of this predicament but maybe some warm tea and Erykah Badu might for a period of time. D'Angelo and white tea. Lauryn Hill and white tea. I am a white supremacist with my tea and a black supremacist with my spirit. Mi Esprit.

Maybe this is more important for me because I am an alcoholic and all around addict. Maybe I am forced to think about this stuff more. I don't really know what normies think about but sometimes maybe it is tough to relate to them as humans. I related more to my cat than someone that enjoys The View.

Read The Trouble with Being Born by Emil Cioran and try and refute it. I cannot. God is dead and we killed him. Try to refute Nietzsche on important matters. I could try to start reading off of Oprah's Book Club but cleaning up vomit all of the time would get tiresome.

I need to be in diners at 4:00 AM laughing my ass off with groups of people with fucked up sense of humor.

I need to be in forests. Deep, dense forest.

I probably shouldn't make fun of other peoples' spirituality unless it is funny?

I wish to be free.

There are many ways to be free in a place like the USA and many ways not to be free.

The fact that freedom of expression is valued is a rather large plus here. It is depressing to list all the ways in which I am not free. I am free to buy hundreds of different brands of shampoo (I forget who said this). I am free to starve to death.

I am free to write. I am free to groove. I am free to do a bunch of coke and go to a disco and pick up some slut hog and have a hell of a night, hell of a life yikes.

"Just being the best version of my self 24/7/365, all day every day, can't stop, won't step, whooooo!!!!" yikes

Sometimes I want to just settle in to some peace and quiet and lie down and read some Dune for a while.

Life can be exhausting no?

Imagine the first zip line through a jungle in Costa Rica and like the 17th zip line through a jungle in Costa Rica. Really, by 9 I was like get me off this thing.

Really think about the first time entering someone and then keeping that excitement going for like 10-20 min. I've fucked for 44 min. and that was just stupid. I don't mind a woman coming first or playing with herself or toys or really whatever although I am not man enough to let her peg me. I think it is hilarious to joke about getting pegged but for me no thanks unless the dildo is the size of a Pringles can.

But, I think we all need some form of spirituality in our lives. What happens when the laughter stops?

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RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 05:08. Posts 6883

I don't know if Baalim is spiritual but sometimes a great taco with fresh ingredients can be spiritual.

RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 05:12. Posts 6883

And, I think one of hiems biggest problems is he has no spirit / soul.

On a first date he is like a baseball card with a weird dude flexing in the mirror and then on the back it lists his car, salary, and savings account.

A first date with me is like an amusement park with no lines and the games aren't rigged.

RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 05:14. Posts 6883

I don't know how to roast Santafairy. He isn't worth roasting I guess which is a weak roast but still a roast.

I've been watching too much comedy and listening to hip hop. I just want to be all braggadocio and swang on some niggas. I don't know if I like to use or should be using niggas in writing or in real life. My gut says no.

Sleepy311   Vietnam. Nov 12 2021 06:03. Posts 105

New Lauryn Hill with Nas song is great.....Nobody, give it a listen dude!

hiems   United States. Nov 12 2021 06:23. Posts 2299

Wat a dumbass


hiems   United States. Nov 12 2021 13:19. Posts 2299

  On November 12 2021 04:08 RiKD wrote:
I don't know if Baalim is spiritual but sometimes a great taco with fresh ingredients can be spiritual.

Baal is mexican.

Therefore he likes Tacos.


RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 19:00. Posts 6883

  On November 12 2021 05:03 Sleepy311 wrote:
New Lauryn Hill with Nas song is great.....Nobody, give it a listen dude!

I generally only listen to Nas – Illmatic but if it is new Lauryn I'll check it out.

RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 19:27. Posts 6883

One time when I was in Mexico I was with friends and family in a small'ish group and we were drinking good Mexican beer and talking around a big ass grill cooking arranchera and fresh vegetables as the sun was going down. Even the ritual of prayer and sharing the food at dinner heightened the occasion. Some of the young bucks including myself decided to leave early and go party like idiots but it was more or less terrible because I knew instantly that we had left a sacred zone and that there was no going back. Sometimes getting the right amount of brownout / blackout drunk and the right song comes up and you are with the right people you can hit a sacred zone but that is rare. It's more like a drug than a spiritual experience. Alcohol can be a good lubricant for the transcendental but rarely does overdosing work. Unless you want to get to a place where only the heart and lungs work before imminent passing into other consciousness (sleep). MDMA is great for spiritual experiences. Alcoholics Anonymous act like spiritual experience is only possible sober. I haven't even begun to talk about the psychedelics.

Imagine tacos with most ingredients coming from a personal garden. Maybe it's grandma's personal garden. We pick the tomatoes; they are still hot from the sun and we add some sea salt and experience a little taste of bliss. Rinse & repeat. Before you know it we have a communal taco dinner. Grandma leads the prayer and life has become good for 10 min. maybe.

Compare this to some Taco Bell binge mukbang.

There is a spiritual aspect to a proper meal.

Getting a Cheeseburger bundle from McDonald's and slamming it down in my car before my appointment is just fucking sad. So many of us engage in behaviors like that every day.

I need water, food, clothing, shelter but after that I must seek soul and spirit.

RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 19:41. Posts 6883

  On November 12 2021 12:19 hiems wrote:
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Baal is mexican.

Therefore he likes Tacos.

Yeah, I guess you are right. It's kind of a bad joke in the same way the "I identify as an attack helicopter" joke is bad. Still, I think it's funny to make fun of Baal for being Mexican sometimes and I wanted to use taco as the food. Lame jokes can still be funny. Look up Norm MacDonald. The biggest thing I wanted to portray was this idea of rituals surrounding gardens, food and meals reaches the spiritual dimension.

RiKD    United States. Nov 12 2021 19:49. Posts 6883

Actually, the original "I identify as an attack helicopter" is hilarious. It's when people try to add to it that it stops being funny and also hearing it 1,000 times the joke is basically dead at this point.

RiKD    United States. Nov 13 2021 06:41. Posts 6883

Andrew Schulz may have a joke and/or Jay-Z may have some bars that you have to listen to like 3 times in 3 years to fully get but "I identify as an attack helicopter" is dead after the first time we hear it. It works but not because it is even based in truth. Gender dysphoria is a real thing.

I finally got around to watching The Closer by Dave Chappelle. I found it a little weak in general. Some of the jokes got me but overall meh. The story about Daphne Dorman I found very touching but

+ Show Spoiler +

I think Dave Chappelle is a very funny dude and a great comic but there are like 10 other comics I'd rather watch do an hour at this point.

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hiems   United States. Nov 13 2021 10:14. Posts 2299

Y ru dumb?


RiKD    United States. Nov 13 2021 18:20. Posts 6883

  On November 13 2021 09:14 hiems wrote:
Y ru dumb?

Y ru dumb?

boom roasted

Loco   Canada. Nov 13 2021 19:52. Posts 20569

That Chappelle shit stunk. Can't believe people pay money for this.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 13 2021 22:03. Posts 4921

Havn't seen much chappelle but always thought this was fukin funny

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 

RiKD    United States. Nov 13 2021 23:35. Posts 6883

Chappelle was at Foxwoods when I was in Mass. earlier in the year. Tickets were $349 and I would have had to drive about an hour there and about an hour back. I didn't even consider going really but at $99 I might have. I saw Chappelle in 2003 and it was lit. Amazing show. He had legitimate claim for GOAT even though I could name 5 funnier comics for me. I respect him for just kind of hanging out in Ohio and doing random shows. To just assume GOAT and his fixation with the LGBTQ community on these Netflix specials tarnishes his funnyness which is all that really matters as a stand-up. I think Dave actually has a thing for trying to make unfunny things funny but some things are just not funny. It's not funny because it's not "politically correct." It's not funny because it's not funny.

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Loco   Canada. Nov 14 2021 03:07. Posts 20569

Most people want to be rich and famous so they look up to rich and famous people no matter how poor their reasoning is. Once you've paid to be in that room you are a sheep; mesmerized by the power of a rich and famous individual. The sad thing is that being rich and famous dramatically affects the capacity for empathy. This has been well-studied. The more successful you are in this culture, the less human. And you'll hang out with people who are just like you, and this gets reproduced. And these are society's main engineers. They are the ones with the biggest platforms and the most influence. That's why we're fucked.

Chappelle is choosing to die on this TERF hill specifically because he is incapable of empathy with marginalized people. He is capable of performing it, which he does there, but it isn't convincing. Even when it comes to Black people, he is performing empathy. He has no more in common with Black people nowadays than Eminem does. The man is just playing a role, and it's not a very good role, so he's certainly not GOAT. The fact that he keeps mentioning it, and ends his special with pictures of himself looking cool with other celebs makes him pretty lame in my eyes.

That trans woman who killed herself must have had some serious cognitive dissonance while praising Chappelle. It's pretty disgusting that he's used her as a token for his act. It's not something that should warrant cancelling him, but it's definitely nasty.

 Last edit: 14/11/2021 03:12

RiKD    United States. Nov 14 2021 04:02. Posts 6883

I'll take Stanhope any day

Tim Dillon is someone relatively new on the scene that makes me laugh a lot

Richard Pryor is probably my GOAT

RiKD    United States. Nov 14 2021 04:22. Posts 6883

Yeah, and Chappelle always likes to play the card that he walked away from $50 million and that he is this hero for doing so but I mean he still has $10 million and millions more if he's active. Then you have Joe Rogan just praising the guy saying Chappelle is a legend for coming out with like 4 specials in 4 years. Chappelle was far from killing any of those shows. I wish he would have just stayed in Ohio.

I'd love to check out The Comedy Story someday where someone is actually living in their car and has a tight 20 min. or something and kills. I've been to noob standup before and nobody ever kills but it's impossible to kill in a small theatre performing to like 20 people. Stand-up is such a crazy proposition to me because everyone bombs for at least 6 months, are terrible for 5 years, and if one can stick around for 10 years maybe they are funny after another 10 years. I've gotten jokes together before but never had the nerve to bomb for 6 months to a year but it is something I've always wanted to try. I was very good at improv relative to my peers but improv is kind of weird and stand-up such a pure art form. Who knows if I'll ever have the nerve to put a solid 10 minutes together and cringe bomb at some small, dingy improv theatre or dive bar open mic. But I've killed in improv and that is a great feeling. Probably not what I should be gunning for or else I'll end up drunk and on cocaine. Everything is so fast in improv that if you are killing it's like you are floating. And if you are bombing everything is still so fast that it doesn't really matter it's fun. Going into a cave and agonizing over jokes and remembering them and having presence and telling them well is such a crazy thing.


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