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Last Year to Pennsylvania Poker

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 11 2019 19:41. Posts 1351
Hey there LP,

Wanted to give the poker world a lil update.

Been a while in 2015, I stopped MTTing after a relationship, just got lazy as fck. Took a year off
Came back, had no confidence, couldnt beat nl50 lol..

My buddy Peter Jennings came in and took me under his wing, we went nl50-nl200 before goin back on my own

Soon after Global stopped payin me out... mothafucka... had 4k to my name last july, jumped on a plane to vegas

Soon after, I got there and grind 24/7 nl10-nl100 (table selection) with mtts, did quite well, but ran into a wall, i had never had to beat the same small pool all day everyday. They had an edge in cash. I put all my time into cash games, eventually having $100 on thanksgiving. It was bleak. Literally didn't understand the equilibrium on where you need to be calling and folding vs over bluffers to well, and just wasn't executing well. After many months of timid play, trying to be peter (trying to play perfect GTO 6max Poker or damn near it)
I finally decided to play MY GAME. This was the BIGGEST CHANGE, The game got Fun, Bluffs left n right, but with everything peter taught me about boards "ie xx that fuckin qq4hh board, TJQdd with TJ etc, a lot more etc"
Now its a mix of exploitation with a GTO baseline...

so yeah this was the most intense poker experience ever. I was in Vegas 1 year and went out a few times, grinded 24/7, finally got my balls back around February and been doin good since. PA Poker launching with no other states in 4 days, looks like we may be back in the top of the Tourney World in under a week... Wish me well, Lets finally do this RIGHT.
We don't need staked anymore, John (jlost88) has been really proud I understand the business of the game and expect huge things. I Wish you all the best, GL, will keep updating on PA Poker and hopefully uploading hands for the LP TOO.

When I had $100 at thanksgiving, my roommate Rob offered for me to work for him for $10/hr in his mattress shop, I put in 100 hours quickly, thinking poker 24/7.. This was my first job since 2005 or so.... That lasted about 6 weeks, and I got back on the felt, still had $100 on. This is where I realized my leaks were all ICM related (where I worked non stop after)

1st mtt back, we won a small $11 1250 for $500 and another $400 right after.
Back to a grand.
Thats where we stayed with cost of living all year, winning around 2.5k a month and cashin out about 1.5 month.

The HUGE plus is this, I was NEVER ever balanced, I didn't even know what it meant. Now i actually have a strong balanced game, all those shitty grueling hours helped more than I would ever want to admit.

Since hitting the ACR Felt (arrived back in PA 11 days ago), we've had a 5 ft's in roughly 60 mtts, couple 1sts and a 2nd in 7 days of play.

Now with Pokerstars coming in, the gates are being held so no Jersey or Vegas regs can play in PA, this LOOKS to be the biggest miniboom for anyone looking to make money.

I STRONGLY urge people with 3-10k bankrolls to come here if you are a winning reg for weekend trips, or even move here short term before next year (january we may be adding to jersey n vegas), these will be as soft if not softer than Jersey when they opened etc.

Gonna be playing and living a fun balanced life, working on health and wanna start working out. Just found an apt, gotta wait a couple weeks to move in though, they wanna make it real nice, thank god...

been goin out a lot, stuff I can't say on here but lifes been a fckin blast ! 2018 and 2019 mtt poker results on here.

GL everyone.
WIll be running a twitch stream at night pretty often as well

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lostaccount   Canada. Jul 13 2019 01:56. Posts 2837

Gl buddy

Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 13 2019 10:40. Posts 1351

thx LostAccount good things poppin!

handbanana21   United States. Jul 23 2019 05:22. Posts 3029

what happened with global?

Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 25 2019 20:18. Posts 1351

had a big issue when they switched paypal to banks....


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