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4bet check-fold vs flop jam

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ThunderGod   New Zealand. Mar 20 2018 13:48. Posts 22

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Trav94   Canada. Mar 21 2018 00:37. Posts 1750

This hand is probably good enough to just flat pre, and you can use hands like A4s or 76s to 4bet, Although there's nothing inherently wrong with this I don't think.

I mean I don't think most people have the balls to bluff this board often enough at NL10. He might not even have any bluffs in his range when he flats the 4bet. Like a lot of low stakes regs will fold all their 87s type hands that they may 4bet, and just flat those 99-QQ and maybe AQs type hands they 3bet pre. If they even 3bet 99-JJ or even QQ.

You also do have some better hands to call here, like AA/KK and JJ/QQ, assuming you check this flop 100%, which I think you probably should on this flop.

ThunderGod   New Zealand. Apr 12 2018 05:30. Posts 22

Thanks for your comments Trav94, especially re: checking the flop. I agree he is unlikely to be bluffing. I will consider in future against a nitty reg to just fold to the 3-bet with this holding in these positions.


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