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Random Ramblings I Guess

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. May 20 2017 00:03. Posts 8322
I've never understood the global wave of sorrow spread through our society when a celebrity dies. I've always found it fake and wondered why would people abuse such events, are they really that ignorant and self-absorbed, don't they realize that outburst would hurt the closest to that very person? I get the whole attention whoring to show appreciation, but that always has the backfire effect for the ones that its aimed towards.

Last year Chris Cornell was playing in my city. I was contemplating if I should get last minute tickets as he was one of the few rock vocals who still do live shows and are alive and i truly enjoy listening to. I didn't, thinking he would be back the next year or the year after. Once artists come to my city, they always come back, there is something about the atmosphere of this city, something still quite incomprehensible to me. Another missed opportunity, sadly.

Grunge has always been some kind of a safety net to me. Somehow I find it easy to connect with and let my mind at ease while listening. When I heard that he died I truly felt sad and then immediately switched to disappointed when the news that he suicided hit the net. I must have read hundreds of posts of people expressing anger because he killed himself as if they have the right to choose for him what to do with his life. Artists, however, hold a great responsibility and especially artists whose work has actual value and whose work helps people get through tough times. I'm absolutely certain Chris Cornell's creations have given thousands of people something to hold on to when they've had nothing. So what should they be left thinking now? If he didn't cope with reality how are they supposed to? Hence the feeling of disappointment.

That feeling makes me as self-righteous as the people expressing anger, I'm aware of it. I believe a person should live up to his moral obligations regardless of his own emotions. If standing up to your own suffering would prevent the suffering of thousands, in some cases leading to the ceasing of existence, then it certainly should be worth it, after all our whole world is built on hope and withstanding through adversity.

I guess the lesson here is to experience new opportunities when available instead of forever missing them so that you won't be left with the bad taste of regret. And I guess the second would be to put others first... but I don't believe that to be true in all cases ... so fuck it.

I leave you with this masterpiece

P.S. This is the next case which shows how deeply misjudged depression in our ill society is.

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devon06atX   Canada. May 20 2017 02:10. Posts 5391

Love that song. And his music.

But really? Fuck it dude. Did it ruin your day? Did it ruin your hour? What about Robin Williams?

People bitch in public and on facebook because it's better than discussing the stupid weather. Or their new awesome healthy recipe.

That's my take anyway.

Great artist, yep. Feel bad for his family.

edit: I don't actually feel that bad for his family. I actually feel moreso bad for my skinned toe. I said that out of general public politeness.. shit, still a victim of it.

How many buckets of tears did you fill when that Tsunami killed 600,000+ people a number of years back?

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lebowski   Greece. May 20 2017 21:51. Posts 8983

idk why he killed himself but give this guy a break. Why should he feel responsible that people make him a role model when it comes to the serious questions in life (like "do I enjoy living anymore" ).
If his art consistently contrasted his suicide then I guess disappointment would be more reasonable. Even then, people/artists change and see things differently, why should C.C. care about a bunch of followers who could be badly influenced because they can't think about anything important by themselves.
The self righteousness of the angry dudes is making me facepalm x100

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man...Last edit: 20/05/2017 21:51

RiKD    United States. May 23 2017 02:10. Posts 4998

Suicide and drug overdose. The only one left is Eddie Vedder.

cariadon   Estonia. May 25 2017 20:25. Posts 4006

[] masterpiece

RiKD    United States. May 26 2017 02:06. Posts 4998

I think a lot of that crew, The Seattle Grunge Rock Crew, really dealt with existentialism in a cool way. It really felt like there was a certain magic there. Guys not knowing how to live to the point of suicide or rock n roll or drugs and alcohol. The people that I know who shot heroin live life to a stronger extreme. Many of them die. That level of existence can be heard in the music. Thank goodness for that but sometimes I wonder if I am listening to too much of that stuff I am bound to a similar fate.

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