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first time Vegas

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dnagardi   Hungary. May 06 2017 08:43. Posts 1537
Long time no blog...

I've started playing poker 10 years ago, reading the beginners articles on LP with the help of Filthy_au ex wc3 player. Grinded hard, learnt a lot from you, was a slight winner at NL200, made decent money to support myself while finishing university. Had the dream that when I turn 21 I go to vegas, and make some big money but that shattered when black friday kicked in and got most of my funds frozen. Luckily I've got all of it back since then, but never really continued playing poker since.

Now I'm 27, working as a structural engineer here in Budapest, Hungary. Occasionally still playing poker live and online but just for fun.
Now together with my family we are doing a US trip celebrating my father's 60th birthday and their 30th marriage anniversary with my mother. New York - Washington and.... Las Vegas trip

During the day we will be sightseeing but when the night comes I will be hitting up the LV casinos, probably grinding the NL 1-3$ cash games. And this is where I would like to hear your advice on which casino to go to, which is the nicest, where are the softest games? Is there something I need to know, like is there a mandatory tipping when winning a pot? Any need to know advices?
Also would love to hear from you guys the attractions we should see in LV with my family

Thanks LP

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K40Cheddar   United States. May 06 2017 16:26. Posts 2170

Don't know all the optimal places in vegas. The nicest place I've played at was the Aria but it was a little tougher than normal. For me, I play the most at planet hollywood where they have 1/2 but you can buy in for $300. Worst people I've ever seen in my life only time I've made 2.2k in a 1/2 session playing for 5 hours. Plus at night you get blasting club music and hot women dancing so I can't complain about that. Belliagio was fine but seemed regish to me. Never played at venetian but I hear they got great tournaments.

As far as tipping, there is no set standard. Personally, I give a small blind for any reasonable sized pot ($40-50 ish maybe) I win and a big blind for usually an all in pot. Sometimes I give more if I'm running good. I think it's bad to tip for every single pot you win if you are picking up blinds preflop from raising and it cuts into your winrate hard long term.


RiKD    United States. May 06 2017 20:32. Posts 4993

Hopefully, PoorUser or DooMeR or both see this. I will put in my 2c anyways. My favorite place to play was The Wynn. Really great card room, most of the games played really deep and big. That was a while ago but the card room is still nice and I can set up with a pineapple juice and money behind and I am happy. Last time I was there (Dec '16) The Venetian was juicy. Aria looked like a great card room but I did not sit.

As for attractions, Las Vegas is an attraction in itself but I pretty much always recommend Cirque du Soleil. "O" or Ka or Love if you like the Beatles or even Mystere if you want to go old school.

Don't sleep on the food either. So, many great options. It is a shame to just have a meh meal while in Vegas. If you are any level of foodie, foodie it the fuck up. Absolutely great city for food.

NewbSaibot   United States. May 07 2017 05:14. Posts 4821

Aria/Wynn gets my vote. Very posh and luxurious, definitely exudes the vegas experience. If you were ever beating NL200 I dont think you will even bat an eye at live low stakes, even after all this time. Literally nothing has changed in that arena.

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - ZalforLast edit: 07/05/2017 05:14


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