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Warsaw trip, help me!

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Gumster   Sweden. Jun 13 2015 19:19. Posts 2290

Im going to Warsaw for 4 days. I wanna:

1. play poker at a casino (preferably cash games)
2. live in a nice area with nice bars/restaurants (I heard Praga is good, is it?)
3. any other recommendations on things I should not miss.

Can you guys pliz help mi wit dis? Tenk yu.

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Do not push the river, it will flow by itself. - Polish proverb 

Garfed   Malta. Jun 14 2015 18:14. Posts 4818

1. Cash games are illegal in Poland, only tournaments, 10% tax upfront and 25% on winnings extra :D
2. You got trolled, Praga is where people get robbed at night.
3. Depends what u are into, do you want to party, visit some museums, parks?

anyway, hit me up on pm.

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