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Europe Travel + Casino

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dryath   Australia. Dec 07 2014 01:17. Posts 1317
Hey guys,

Been a while since i last blogged - but I love that I can still come here and know that there a still a fair few of you that will chime in and offer great advice.

My girlfriend and I plan on heading over to Europe around Aug-Sep in 2015 and plan to drive around a few countries over around 4-5 week period. So far the general idea seems to start on the West and work out way through from perhaps Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and then potential for a few others like Czech Republic. Whilst those are the core ones we have talked about so far I am definitely open to opinions you guys have on any of these areas

Which also brings me to my next point in that - that being a now "retired" poker player I would still love to check out a couple casinos and potentially jump into a couple of live games of NLHE up to 5/10 or PLO (but smaller games as I am pretty weak at it). Last time I was in Europe was in 2010 - since I didn't go to many of these countries and its been quite a while I have no idea what the games are like / what runs / or where could be good to go.

Looking forward to hearing some good ideas, hope everyone has been doing well both at and away from the tables

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. Dec 07 2014 05:14. Posts 5647

Hey man! what you up to these days since retiring from FR?

look into the ride sharing programs over there, e.g. in france: meet a few locals and make a bit of gas money. I saved money on the train this way while having fun practicing my terrible french.

nolan   Ireland. Dec 07 2014 08:41. Posts 6205


my experience in casinos in Europe isn't huge but the only games I ever found that regularly ran 5/10 outside of EPT's were all in the UK. Many casinos in Europe still don't even have poker rooms.

double check if you can drive into switzerland on an aussie passport, i know they got the schengen or whatever but i'm not sure if that would apply to people not from the E.U. or not.

trip idea sounds alright, i'd probably start in barcelona and drive up to paris then you can cut east and hit major cities in germany on the way to prague, then south into austria and finish in italy maybe? only thing is you'd miss out on switzerland.

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P1mpdaddy   Austria. Dec 08 2014 03:22. Posts 1370

If I were you I would fly to either Lisboa or Madrid (I would recommend to skip Lisboa...not worth the extra km/miles) and work my way on the south coast to Italy. You will visit some of the best and most famous places in europa including Valencia, Barcelona, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Genova. From there I would go North to Milano and Zürich. From there make sure to visit city in the world (nah I am not biased because I live there )) Munich (including a beer garden) should be next. From there you have lots of options including Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

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devon06atX   Canada. Dec 10 2014 15:16. Posts 5458

Man.. you can't skip Crete! Whatever you do

I've always wanted to check that place out


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