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Indepth into my PLO Podcasts

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Joeingram1   United States. Apr 22 2014 16:40. Posts 943
Hey guys, I haven't blogged yet about the PLO podcasts that I have been doing for a couple of months now. I wanted to talk a bit more about the idea I originally had, the process so far, feedback I've gotten and what I hope to do with them in the future.

I wrote about the website idea I had a couple months back and with that I have been wanting to do some type of podcast for a long time now. I had wanted it to be focused on PLO because there isn't anything else out there that PLO players can listen to that is specific for the game. I'm not one to get in depth about poker strategy, as I have written about on my blog before. I decided that I would try to do a podcast focused around high stakes hands posted on 2plus2 in the NVG high stakes thread and would sometimes take hands posted in the PLO specific forums. I started doing the first one and went for a bit of strategy talk, level 1 type of stuff, and focus more on trying to make it entertaining. As I have alot of experiences with almost every player I had some good and bad things to say about almost every player in the hands I choose to post. I was hoping to put together something that high stakes regs could enjoy watching but also something that small stakes regs and casual fans of PLO/poker in general would be able to enjoy. I think finding that balance could have been a difficult thing but I think so far I have been able to do that. I had hoped that people would start listening to it and then become interested in playing more PLO themselves. It has turned out this is what has been happening as I have gotten many messages on all my social media platforms from people asking questions, telling me about there experiences with the game so far, and more. The feedback overall has been really good and its encouraging moving forward with doing podcasts. I think some of them have been a bit long for people but my thinking is that if you want to watch it all you can, if you want to stop after 25 minutes you can do that also.

My initial intent was that I wanted everyone in the world to be playing PLO, its such a fun game.... who wouldn't want to play . I've been posting my videos on my youtube channel and they have been getting linked in both PLO forums on 2p2 and also there was a thread in NVG made where new episodes have been posted. I've tried to communicate with everyone who has given me feedback good or bad. I wanted to try to be as interactive with people that are taking the time to listen to these because thats how I have wanted people to be to me that I might be a fan of. The pokertube guys have been putting them up on there website as well and it has gotten some extra views. Overall I am very pleased with the number of views on youtube that I have been able to get with these. For the first couple of podcasts some websites wrote up articles about them and linked to them but I figured that would happen initially and then would not keep happening with future episodes. The goal moving forward is to continue putting out quality content and also be able to put more people onto the fact that they even exist. I haven't done the greatest job so far in terms staying on a consistent schedule and blogging about my experience so far with it which I need to work harder at.

I'm going to start doing podcasts with people outside of PLO and the WCG podcasts in hopes that I can ultimately attract new listeners to my PLOcasts. I'm actually recording my first podcast today with Bart Hanson. His longtime NL podcasts were something I listened to every single week for years when I was coming up in the poker world and with his live poker training site I think I will have alot good things to talk about with him that will make for a great conversation. My hope with this new series is that I can talk more with people who I find interesting and would like to know more about but also that fans of that person will want to hear more about. Hopefully those fans can enjoy my content and become fans of mine and the listeners to my podcasts will become fans of theirs. I actually have no idea if this is sound logic when it comes to this type of thing but we shall see. My main focus right now is still putting in 4-8 hours/day playing poker and with the results I've been having, I don't need to worry about trying to monetize any of this. That also has lead to me becoming pretty lackadaisical with putting out new episodes. I've been spending some weeks playing poker and basketball all day and never even thinking about doing podcasts. I think moving forward that if I want to have the most success possible with this I will need to nail down a better schedule and put in more effort staying on that.

That also leads to the question, what kind of success does this even lead to? What is the point of doing these? I have asked myself that a couple of times and I'm not even sure what it means to be a success in poker podcasting. Hoping that I can get as many people as possible into playing the game I intend to play for a long time to come is what I think about the most. I think that some good networking possibilities could come from it but that remains to be seen. I really enjoy doing them so far as I think most of the poker content being put out right now is pretty boring and I am hoping I can provide a bit of entertainment in other poker players lives, even if its only for an hour/week. I think I went more in depth on this whole subject than I initially intended to

Here is a link to the first high stakes PLO podcast I did. I started having a guest with my last podcast which featured krmont22. If you watch the first couple episodes, I tried to do a good job on building up some players more than others. The last episode with Krmont I started live streaming for people that wanted to listen to things unedited and people have really seemed to enjoy that. I fucked up on capturing the audio doing this (still noob at editing) so it ended up being a veryyyyyy long live stream version but for the people that can make it through it all, i think its really entertaing. In the future I hope to do many more with guests because I enjoy that format much more. I like getting to know my peers better and being able to showcase them a bit.

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Darace   France. Apr 23 2014 13:20. Posts 255

Could be just me but I watch your podcats to hear you berate people, give insights on your experience with the players involved in hands, why you want to stab this one, why you think this one is on drugs, making jokes etc. That's what's entertaining imo. I don't want to hear a 3hr dialogue between you WCGRider talking strategy or serious business. Maybe you do all these stuff in your podcasts with WCG and krmont, I don't know, I didn't watch them (but I watched most of the others).
Then again, it's just my opinion.

Joeingram1   United States. Apr 23 2014 16:00. Posts 943

Thanks Darace for the feedback

I think alot of people like that aspect of things that are similar to what you like. There are some people out enjoy that aspect but also enjoy hearing other topics discussed as well outside of that too. I don't want to make most of the podcasts I put out 2-3 hour's but there seems to be enough interest from some people that will watch it no matter how long it is. I probably should just keep things I actually release on my channel shorter and contain the highlights of the live streams if I choose to keep doing those.

TimDawg    United States. Apr 23 2014 20:14. Posts 10176

Yeah I actually prefer opposite of Darace. I get *bored* easily when listening to hands with analysis. Kind've similar to watching training videos

I'm more interested in hearing funny/interesting stories and just random discussion on cool things with a guest (online poker player preferably)

Dunno if you've heard of the podcast "dope stories" but I really like their format. Would probably help you with your own podcast to listen to it some. They balance their episodes with some being interviews with random guests and other times general discussion/story telling with each other

online bob is actually a pretty smart person, not at all like the creepy fucker that sits in the sofa telling me he does nasty shit to me when im asleep - pinballLast edit: 05/05/2014 02:31

ggplz   Sweden. Apr 27 2014 13:56. Posts 16630

I really enjoy these podcasts actually! But joe, if it wasn't obvious to me yet, you're pretty degen haha! Nice clear communication skills and good energy though ^_^

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 

Joeingram1   United States. Apr 28 2014 09:56. Posts 943

  On April 27 2014 12:56 ggplz wrote:
I really enjoy these podcasts actually! But joe, if it wasn't obvious to me yet, you're pretty degen haha! Nice clear communication skills and good energy though ^_^

haha what makes you say that

thanks for watching!

ggplz   Sweden. Apr 30 2014 04:22. Posts 16630

lol, can't recall the exact point in your wcgrider podcast but it was at some point when you were talking about drugs/prostitution i was like "whoa, what a degen lol"

if poker is dangerous to them i would rank sports betting as a Kodiak grizzly bear who smells blood after you just threw a javelin into his cub - RaiNKhAN 


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