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10nl merge

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[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Oct 01 2012 02:19. Posts 1584
Since I'm back home in NYC no more pokerstars Decided to give cash another go around. Last time i played 5nl and 10nl for about 60k hands or so i think. Was winning but just gave it up for the sng grind again since I prob needed the money. Not sure why actually. Anyways this time around i have no other options to distract me( I guess i could grind hypers or dons but meh)

Decided to try 6m this time around. I've always done fr in the past.

Started on the 24th. I prob could have gotten a bit more hands in there. I been mostly 4 tabling. 6 at sometimes so not really getting mass volume or anything. Looks like im actually running god and should be losing. Which is weird b/c i remember breezing through 10nl last time. Not sure if its b/c its 6m or games got better. Most likely its me having tons of leaks. Ill see after Oct.

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